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Pikeur show coat, Pikeur quality, without the Pikeur price.

For real.

A reader tip lead to a fantastic site to score a Pikeur at a super price. Sharing the tip today, now that I’ve done the testing for you already!

Order from U.K. based Amira Equi. Yes, it works, the order will go through! Shipping was snail slowish to California, and you’re sort of left in limbo without tracking capabilities or really any shipping updates at all. But it’s awesome!

Find it at Amira Equi.

buy pikeur from overseas

Super easy website, and their currency converter makes things even easier. No VAT, reasonable shipping, to the U.S. (Or where ever you are, but in Europe with VAT.)

Lightweight, navy blue (promise, it IS blue, just dark.) coat arrived the day of the show.

how to buy dressage coat at discount price

Dressage On A Dime A Horse For Elinor

Actually just a couple of hours before, which worked out great since my husband then made a surprise visit at the show grounds with it. Sweet!

Threw it on minutes before mounting to warm up, and it fit. Love it!

Thank you reader peeps for coat shopping tips!

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      1. “A bit too loose” is way better than “sleeves too long” which is always what happens to me. Really difficult to fix if the sleeves have any decoration besides buttons on them.

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        1. Yes! I’m thinking I need the material to “move” when it gets so stinkin’ hot here. Sleeves on the old coat were always a tad short, which I think looks tacky too. Hard to get the right fit! 😉

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  1. Looks fantastic. Just one word of warning to your readers: if you order clothing from overseas you MAY get hit with CUSTOMS DUTY which is quite high – I believe about 20%. Sometimes they hit you with duty, sometimes they don’t, but this happened to me when I imported a jacket from England so it ended up being quite a bit more expensive than I had expected. Not sure why/how some of us get the (un)lucky tax lottery…But happy you ended up with such a lovely jacket!

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  2. Looks so sharp!! I also ordered my jacket (Kingsland) from a UK company. Was so surprised at the price I got it for, and the not-ridiculous shipping charge too! It did take a while to arrive, but was worth the wait. LOVE my jacket!! Extremely high quality, and scored it for half the price it was listed for on US retailer sites.

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    1. P.S. Mine is just a touch loose on me too, but it’s so much more comfortable that way. We gotta be able to move!! And I think it still looks totally fine. Your nice dark navy blue color is stunning!

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    2. I love That! 😍
      Like horse sage has mentioned before on here – a good coat is worth it!
      Now… Just need to figure out when we may be ready to show next… we’re not ready 🤢


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