Invitation To Share Your Site

Late last spring, this post below went up.

It’s worth offering this to you again!

Read on – and feel free to chime in the comments!

Open invitation to share “What Makes Your Site Different.”

A Horse For Elinor has been the same from the very start – I write, and take way too many pictures, of and about the horses I ride.  Training, some competing, and like all other dressage riders strive to find that “just that right” connection with my horse.

Warning – looks like a personal post coming up.

Every blog is different – and this is where you come in at the end of the post!

Part of what makes this site have its own “feel” is that it’s written by an adult rider who wants to have lots of fun but still has several goals.

Tons of Horse Blogs out there.  Lots of energetic young riders writing endless product plugs.  Or how about the massive amounts of Scandinavian horse blogs where it’s all about matching the polo wraps and saddle pad?..  This site has mostly impolite posts about training on my own with a young horse.

bare hoof riding ggt footing

Still, we’re moving forward, getting out to compete, and have a blast doing it.  I have more physical ailments and side-kick diseases than I can keep track of at this point (Hey, who’s counting?!).

It’s inspirational to read about others who push through that, and have fun and do well anyway.  Maybe you think so too?

barefoot dressage

It’s challenging sometimes, when you look just fine on the outside, healthy, and in shape.  I show up, get the once-over glance; – “Oh, she’s one of those…”  Truth is I have to sometimes literally scrape myself up and scoop me out the door.  My body can be a super hero one day, and leave me half-broken and unable to do much the next.

I get a sense of constantly letting people around me down, because of making tons of energetic commitments while getting sick, or injured, so often.

It’s not the focus of this site at all, but some of the – “Hey let’s enjoy the heck out of this for as long as it lasts!”, probably comes through 🙂

bare foot dressage training

So.  Now it’s your turn! 

Today’s blog post is an opportunity to say “Hello” to other readers.

Comment below with what makes your site “just a bit different.”  Or Comment with just a link to your blog, as an opportunity to have more readers connect.

It’s just as easy as that!  Or stick a link in there to one of your posts you especially liked creating!

Up to you!

18 thoughts on “Invitation To Share Your Site

    1. It’s plain simple fun to check in on other riders here and there. Follow their horses (I love before and afters etc.), and read about stuff they’re getting better at.

      Love it that you like the pictures! Thank you!

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  1. Hello Elinor! What i like about your blog is that you are always honest about your training and the ups and downs. I admire the fact that you are working on your own with your mare and that is not easy. I also think you post lots of nice photos. My own blog site Horse Addict has a few different, but all horse related , aspects. I do interviews with other riders mostly riders who are competing at the international level, posts about clinics with very well known rider/trainers like Carl Hester and Charlotte Dujardin, posts about my own training and competition with my horse Biasini and finally Biasini also puts up posts (Biasini Speaks). My blog is

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    1. Love it that the honesty comes through! That was part of the entire purpose when starting the blog over 4 years ago – no gloss!
      Someone else mentioned in the comments that they’ve found other really good blogs through comments on mine – and I bet yours must be one of them! So much creative writing energy – very admirable as myself I have barely time to upload pictures sometimes 😉
      I love how you have so many topics!


  2. Hey Elinor! I love your blog and the authentic way that you represent life with horses, goals, setbacks and all the inevitable drama in between! How very kind of you to offer your invitation to share other horse blogs!
    My blog is
    It’s a family-friendly blog for “the average equestrian and beyond,” and, though I must admit I don’t post nearly as often as the truly dedicated blogger ought… when I do, my posts usually have a pretty generous sprinkling of humor as well as some helpful hints, easy DIY’s and also some good ole “vent-fests” that many horsewomen who are juggling a thousand and one things besides her equine craziness will no doubt relate to.
    Thanks for the opportunity to share! All the best- Sara Shelley

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    1. Sara, that is great! Glad you’ve found your way over here, and thank you for both your kind words and for sharing your blog.
      Nice blog, I like it! Looked at those other articles you linked to also, you definitely do a lot of writing- love!
      I run out of time, just like you, very often too 😁


  3. I’ve always loved your writing. Your realism and honesty is so refreshing in a cyber world plastered with only the “good” stuff.
    My blog is somewhat typical, but it also has some unique aspects. I’m a young rider trying to make my mark in the dressage world while simultaneously getting a degree in university. I write about the ups and downs in my training, and any other random thoughts that strike me while I’m commuting to my school on transit. I also love to take photos, even though the quality can still sometimes be questionable.

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    1. Love to have you! It’s so hard to combine all of “life” with the super time consuming sport of horses… I bet if there’s one thing most of us have in common, it’s just that – actually having time to ride enough…
      Thank you for coming to my blog, and, by the way, the piaffe post was really good and made me laugh. We are far away from that, so you’re doing great! 🙂

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    1. I love to check in on Carmen to see what you guys been up to. Love how she’s developing, and reading about the challenges with her is motivating for anyone. Admire how much you get written – I constantly run out of time!!! Some weeks are worse than others!
      Love to have you here Teresa!


  4. I love your blog! One of the big reasons is because of you share both the joys and the struggles of this whole dressage thing, and also because your love and care for your horse comes through in every post–even the ones written about a particular (and very relatable) frustration or struggle you’re working through.

    I have actually already found some great blogs via your comments section! You have some great fellow bloggers as readers! Looking forward to discovering even more via this post, and thank you for fostering a welcoming community here!

    My blog is and is mostly about my own journey in dressage on my pony (a talented pony, but still a pony), which is a little bit of a unique experience. I also teach hunter/jumper lessons so I occasionally give updates about what my students are working on. 🙂

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    1. How cool! Love it that you’ve found blogs from others on here – I was happy to see that you moved over to the WP platform. (SO much easier to check in for those of us who have a hard time keeping up with just the group on WP, let alone outside.)
      Love to see how you’re combining teaching, new motherhood, and riding and training with Clay!
      And for those of you who’ve missed this – she’ll be building her very own barn! How cool is that!!

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  5. I love that you’re not afraid to show the ups and downs of training your horse!
    My blog is called and I share my riding journey and the things that I learn as a new rider and also my struggles that I have in the saddle (both mental struggles like fear-based ones and physical ones).
    Keep powering through each and every day! 😀

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    1. What an awesome group of riders and writers! Love the support!
      Thank you Elizabeth for both chiming in and for being part of the blog – love it. I’m amazed of how many of us there are 🙂
      Happy to have you here on the blog! 🙂

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  6. Hello. How are you doing? Thank you for visiting my blog. I had a chance to visit your blogs and read a couple of posts and the pictures of you and horses are an added plus as I used to barrel race when I was young. my daughter and I both love horses. Look forward to reading more of your posts.

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    1. Hi, thank you for coming to my blog! 🙂 Doing well over here, enjoying a gorgeous spring, while buckling down for what I personally call the worst time of the year – the extreme heat months. Wishing you an end to the snow up there sometime soon. You asked what we do in “bad” weather – I hide inside, with the AC on and blinds down. (Well in August at least)

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