Things – Looking Up!

Schooling rides have been interesting lately.

If you don’t normally get a race car mare, it’s really fun to suddenly have one.  Maybe a bit confusing how to actually ride 🙂  but I’ll take it!

To make sure Valiosa continued the right direction with healing up from the abscess – lunging before riding.  Checking her gaits, overall temperament etc.  She’s been really willing to work.  Honestly never seen this horse apply herself like this on the lunge.

riding in park like setting

Part of the reason I ended lunging long time ago – she’d work her body better under saddle, developing  the right muscles there, not on the lunge.

Now, she comes out with a vroom, settles in to light side reins, and thinks canter is really fun in the covered round pen.  OK then.

Whatever has changed, it’s been great to see!  Spring grass.  Less grain.  Different grain.  More B-Vitamins.  Less work.  Spring weather.  Being in heat every day.  Last month’s saddle adjustment.  Looser cavesson and flash.  Stronger hind.  Whatever it is, it’s working!

spring horse riding

Hoping this happy horse will continue showing up most days!

Getting pictures to show you in a few days!

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  1. Nice the short layoff helped the both of you. Also, you might be entertained the girls did a few dressage moves in the warm-up ring. Who said jumpers couldn’t do dressage? 🙂 😉

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