Riding Hands Forward

Thought I’d show something that finally clicked in training on my own!


Simple concept:  Hands Forward – Horse To Bit, Not Bit To Horse.

Know how your trainer will tell you to bring the horse forward to the bit, not the horse back toward the hand?  With hands and seat striving forward?  (If it’s a good trainer.)

How exhausting it must be to instruct and have to say that over and over in lessons, never really knowing if the message went through…  (Alexis I’ve been trying!)

On my own this can go to the wayside (maybe for you too.) but the basic idea is there.  Finally catching it in pictures!  This one goes out to any poor soul who’s ever wondered if their student will get it!

Valiosa making her trademark move, scrunching up and back, a pushback, in every way.  Yes, ugly.  No, don’t budge or fiddle the fingers.

pushing back and coming above the bit

Hands stay in their “little area”, seat is in but following, not pushing down.  (Bonus points if looking up.  No bonus for me, ever.)

riding with the hands in correct position

And then she comes to the hand!  Finally!

bringing the horse to the bit

OK so then there could be some more calf and more give in the hand and she would have stayed looser.

giving with the hand after half halting

But here she is two strides later!  Love!  It works!

riding dressage with good rein contact

10 thoughts on “Riding Hands Forward

    1. THE once most difficult thing with her! Getting the hind legs at least half way correct 🙂 So glad when she can do it, and thrilled that it finally shows!

      Many thoughts to you and your Biasini. Hoping today is a better day – worried!

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        1. Fingers crossed it’ll keep going the right direction today, and that he’ll be out of the woods completely after the weekend!

          It’s my biggest scare, the colic. Mostly because it’s so unpredictable and it can escalate quickly while we feel helpless. Hugs to you both!

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          1. I’ve been down the road a couple of times before. Luckily i have not had a horse go to surgery! But i think as does my vet, that making the decision to get to a clinic or equine hospital sooner rather than later is of the utmost importance. They have the equipment and resources to diagnose what it happening. l

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