Come spend a morning with us in the covered round pen.

Sometimes spooky in there.

Shadows and movement from the covered walker next door.  Spring crazy rabbits come in through the panel gaps.  At least that’s her excuse.

setting up for lunging in round pen

Days with too much spring grass, a beach ball belly, bouncy-ball legs, and a new stallion from Florida, are made for visiting the round pen.

working in covered round pen

Always a pretty relaxed horse, there were a couple of weeks where you could only whisper Trot or Canter to start.  She’d still anticipate, and go in to it with a squeal.

trotting in covered round pen

Disobedience, yeah sure.  Still, feeling a little spicy and wanting to express herself is good!  Playfulness is welcome.  (Just coming off a 2 months test on Red Cell.  Nope, no more feeding Red Cell.  Crazy stuff!  Too exciting.)

horse playing on the lunge line

Back to innocence.

adjusting tack in round pen

That’s all from Buckingham Palace.

10 thoughts on “Come spend a morning with us in the covered round pen.

  1. You may need to ride the round pen more often. I like how the light pours a sepia-type tone into the image. And, oh … Deborah has a new horse. 🙂

    G-Man, last year’s project horse, has sort of become my horse. He prefers riding under a western saddle than those fancy English saddles.

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      1. I watched some of the dressage of course 😉 Graves, she’s something else, amazing! Of course I always have extra fingers crossed for Sweden, Kittel this time again. I think he rode amazingly well.

        Get your girls to Gothenburg one day! Biggest heart on the audience there ever!


        1. Laura Graves, she has destiny written all over her. She did a lot work on her own (sounds eerily familiar) but ran out of money. Became a hairstylist, pieced together her savings to buy Verdades, who was declared “unrideable” (same thing was said about Lilith). I think she went to a clinic led by Steffen Peters, who gave them that break.

          Beezie Madden, she’s tops in my girls’ book, which also includes Kent Farrington. They’ve met her a couple of times. First time was “Hi, how are you” type of meeting. Second time was “I remember you” kind of meeting, which they talked horses for a few minutes.

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          1. Think your girls are going to leave and go work for any of the “big names” at one point? A big sacrifice, both time, barely no pay, and lots of sweat – but what a huge opportunity! Even just 4 months… If I could do it all over again that’s what I would have done in my 20’s 🙂


    1. The light in there is cool, isn’t it!?
      So, THAT”S what you guys been up too – horse shopping! How fun, and exciting to start a new partnership!
      Oh, and congratulations to you for now having your own steed 😉 How you’re going to have time for it all, with riding, beats me, but I have the feeling you’re a pretty energetic guy 🙂 Enjoy!!


      1. Generally, my girls ignore the horse sale/auction flyers while at a show. Walking around on their day off, the girls ran into the owners who were on flyer distribution duty. They got to talking about horses and sports development. A bright horse can reach the elite level, in showjumping, in about 5-7 years, but largely depends upon having the proper rider to guide them to the next level. Here’s more on the new addition:

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    1. Yeah, took me a while to figure out what she was always keeping an ear out for. Until the morning when they actually came in! (One rabbit inside, the other outside. Oh. Good times haha!)


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