The Art Of Staying On

Thundering hooves sound alarming every time, even on fiber sand.

Unless you’ve never been on, during the actual thunder, just quietly observing things unravel very quickly, it’s hard to explain the feel of it, from the top.

I called out – “It’s alright I’m okay!” Which we all know in reality means cleanup on aisle 6.

By small wonder, still stayed on.  Again.

¶ Stickability  » Streak of non-dismounting epoch by the grace of your horse, who of course could dump you if it wanted to. «

Much quieter day, last summer.

riding and not falling off

2 thoughts on “The Art Of Staying On

  1. Modestly, you never talk about your riding skill, not even indirectly. So I am confident in assuming that you kept your seat in a situation that would have sent me flying, and possibly to the hospital (I don’t bounce like I used to). Or maybe just given me a heart attack, even if I’d managed to hang on. Kudos.

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    1. You’re too sweet.
      Well. Yes. I stuck it, and it’s been many years since I actually came off. A gelding slipped on his side with me under him some 5 years ago but it doesn’t count since I didn’t get ejected 😉
      Seriously think next time it happens, I’ll crack all the wrong things…. 😒😔🍳


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