Back To Basics – More Swing Over The Back

That’s been the mantra for a couple of weeks.

If you’re lucky ( 🙂 ) like me and ride a really tight horse, who’d rather push back toward you instead of softening and striding forward, it really doesn’t matter how many little figures you do, it’s still not going to be right.

short choppy trot steps in dressage
Hello choppy

So, lately, I’ve been working on really straight lines with Valiosa.  Coming into the contact, confirming more on the outside rein.

Very basic.  Forward.  With as little fussing through the corners as possible.  Thinking quiet, with swing, steady.

straight canter in dressage

She’ll come into a much different breathing this way, rhythmic, harder working, but more relaxed.  All good things.

Where things can get so short and choppy, she can now feel like she’s moving out better toward the end.

And she’s trying so much harder for me.  So grateful for her.  

three beat canter
canter forward straight

In the canter, around the full arena until she’s swinging more, actually using herself.  Forget collecting.  Finding a way to get her moving freely, not fourbeat.  And as much as possible, with both seatbones in the saddle.

Yes, it’s working.  No, we can’t show at first level this way.  Yes, confident I should stick to this for some time.

2 thoughts on “Back To Basics – More Swing Over The Back

  1. Time for your pep talk …

    The prep work, practice time are done. The quiet time is to be alone in your thoughts with no more of, “maybe I should try this or that”. You’re beyond that point. Ride the ride that is in you and Valiosa. It is always about your best effort – that is what you should expect of yourself. Don’t worry about the mistakes, they’re always hanging around. When you’re done, those that love you will still love you, your horse will still love you. Whatever your score and comments maybe, take them with grace. No second guessing of yourself. Regardless the outcome of one event, let it slide and get ready for the next. Ride your best.

    Ride well,

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    1. Yay Deborah!
      Love it! We have two more days of just light work, and it’s time to keep things simple, while still keeping her forward. It’s going to be humbling, there’s no way around it, but as you say, as long as I put in the very best effort for where we are right now then we’ve done a good job.
      Thank you so much for cheering us on!! 🙂


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