Late Night Sale Posts

Clicking through some dressage horse ads.

Just for kicks. To see what’s out there.

Wouldn’t it just be so nice to trade in for something more talented?  A little more disposed to dressage. Something with natural ability?

Or how about something that’s been started and done right for the past 5-6 years…  Anyone can daydream.

Next morning in the cross-ties after riding, patting the troll-looking mare.  Her sweaty neck and shoulder gritty with dirt and foamy flyspray.  Realizing there’s absolutely no way you could ever let go.

horse and rider portrait

Definitely all YOUR horse.
Sappy, whatever.
But so much more fun his way.

why you should not trade in your horse

9 thoughts on “Late Night Sale Posts

    1. She’s just too lush to ever give up! 🙂 Your Carmen is going to make you very proud one day – betting you have it coming within a year or less, I love how she’s developing!


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