The place is smackful of beautiful horses!

Later today, our first two classes.

We’ll be marinating in the late afternoon sun together.

This, quiet and empty in winter, is completely different this weekend.

empty show venues in winter
Today’s post goes out to all riders out there, finding themselves really out of their element at some show this month.  Maybe your horse has been riding like a bat for the past two days, skittish with every single new trash can or tent appearing, crazy distracted with all the new horses and activity.

I’m in the same boat over here, wondering if we’ll even make it into the ring

Have fun, and measure your riding success in how many times you can fail at something while still staying positive and coming back for more! 🙂

show barn before the show
The indoor is the warmup.  Wonder mare has decided she can’t exist in the warmup right now…

Thanks to you guys it’s sort of like having a little cheering crowd on the sidelines! 🙂

We’re going to have fun – and hopefully, she’ll be a lot less distracted than this in all the outdoor rings once the tests are underway.
distracted horse in outdoor arena

With less All-four-in-the-air-moments than the last show 🙂
canter stride with all four hooves in the air
Back with a report next week.

15 thoughts on “The place is smackful of beautiful horses!

  1. I will be there in spirit cheering you on. I know there are other followers who will be standing beside me too! We will be cheering quietly of course so as not to disturb Valiosa’s focus. 🙂

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    1. Love you!
      And by the way, whatever influence from negative-nellies you’ve had on your blog lately, just completely ignore it. It’s just the dark side of social media 🤔😫


  2. Absolutely redefine success to something that you can accomplish at this show. Maybe it’s just staying in the ring :-). Or getting through the test and having a few good moments (I would bet you can do that by the second day). This is TRAINING for you and for her. How to handle the warmup ring, which is really, really difficult at a big show. Takes nerves of steel and focus and a lot of reminding your horse that you are the leader, there is nothing to worry about. And she needs a lot of miles still. She’s getting them at this show! Hooray! And so are you. Can’t wait to hear how much you both learned. And I suspect by the end of the show she will be going pretty well…I hope really well, but we’ll have to see. Every horse takes these things differently.

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    1. You’ve definitely been in my shoes! All this above, and more.
      Yup, we needed help to even get IN the ring the first day. Oh, and help with mounting, and getting into the warmup. This was a big thing with this show for her.
      SO great training though!! 😗 Thank you for all!! 😚😙

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