We Survived

Left you hanging from the last announcement.


Life is in the way.  Social media stories go on the back-burner then.  I have two pantry-raiding boy scouts at home who forever seems to need a ride somewhere, be fed, or picked up from camps hours away.  And then there’s something about a job.

horse waiting for better days

But there’s going to be an update.  Not a pretty one.  (Although the pictures look sweet if we can ever get them off the camera.)  We did incredibly bad all show weekend.

Wow.  If you ever wonder if you should go to a show and risk being the worst ever, fear no more – we’ve got that covered already.

Seriously, it was fun.  And in the end, very pleased with Miss Sugar Crumb.

Stories on this site speak through pictures, we’ll just wait for them.  And here’s the shocker – showing again tomorrow!  Going in knowing there won’t be some magical improvement.  Ignoring everyone else, Cream Puff and I are just going in for miles.

Humbling.  Possibly embarrassing.  Definitely brave.  Guess what builds more character – staying home, or sucking in the showring? 🙂

being brave at dressage shows

If I can do this, so can you.

19 thoughts on “We Survived

  1. I can ride again in a few weeks, so then I can take last place at the shows. Lol
    Also, I don’t believe you and wonder mare Valiosa could have been bad.

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    1. 🙂 It’s how I view it too. A day at the shows should be fun – great to get to have the Grays spick and span clean, and they’ll learn more along the way. Won’t be too long until we both figure it out – how to get our mares truly connected that is. And less spooky 🙂
      I think you’re ahead of the game already!


  2. Big hug to both of you. SO PROUD of you both. Go out there and dance with your horse again, and this time I think it is going to be easier. My hope is that you can have some fun at this next show and that you and Valiosa might (maybe?) enjoy it. Hope you get rewarded, too, with some decent scores, but in the end, we’re just girls with horses, having some fun, dressed up in weird white costumes :-). Pictures when you have the time.

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    1. She came through! If we had it all wrong the first weekend, today was an improvement. Mostly because she finally let a breath out and agreed to play along 🙂 Picture overload coming up!! Well. Once I’m done working both Sat and Sun…

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      1. Ah yes, the moment they let go in their ribcage and you start riding a horse instead of a block of wood! Hooray!!! Can’t wait to hear more. So happy she is a fast learner (and so are you!). Some horses never get it; but I KNEW she would figure it out quickly. She’s a smart cupcake.

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        1. My “homework” is to get her more through and less pushing back in her ribcage much earlier in our schooling rides. It can take forever to have something that resembles a good steady straight forward, and to ever get somewhere I need to get her there sooner. No idea just yet how to do it, but if I get her straight, more than half the battle is won.

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          1. Ha ha ha, yes, I think I’ve heard those exact same instructions…that said, things are going a BIT better with that lately. And Star just got her teeth done, which has helped. Sometimes the details (teeth, tack fit, etc.) make a BIG difference.

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          2. Yes, always the details! I’ve been switching bits, just to test, but back to the original one. I’m considering a full anatomical bridle when budget allows down the line, and while we’re just a few months out from last saddle flocking it’s already on my radar. While secretly fretting that the teeth should be done this month as we are past 6 months now. It’s endless… That was a great reminder about the teeth – I’ve got to get that done!


    1. 😉 Starting to think I’ll never figure this mare out. Tense and worried, only to a week later just sort of accept it all. Truly amazing… I’ll post on it a bit tomorrow – so many pictures it’s getting hard to decide 🙂 We’re no super stars, but in my book, she was today!

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