Windy Warmup

Super windy spooky warmup on the first day of last week’s show.

I had help ♥ the first day, which was great since Cottonball thought it was extremely concerning to stand still for even 5 seconds.

having help to mount

A lot of pressure for her.  I thought it was cool with two different out-of-state barns driving down from Oregon and tons of horses filling up our home barn.

She wasn’t the only one completely tense and wound up in the high winds.  Yes, this is what we had going on. ⇓ Possibly the only one spending a long time rushing around like this though.

horse running with nose in the air
While the trees turned themselves inside out and with sand plastered on our teeth, Sparrow Eye slowly got it together.  Warmups with tons of other horses can be intimidating – doing this for 3 days in a row was great practice for her.

horse tense in warmup

Maybe the warm-up is harder than the real test, not sure… By Sunday, she was a lot better and I was really happy with her.

dressage warmup at show
Straightness is a serious problem for us. In the windy warm-up, we were twistier than ever.  Here, Cornchip is going reasonably straight, a small victory 🙂 .
pushing hands forward in dressage warmup

Minutes later, by the showring, we kicked off with a major balk at the judge’s booth at E and never made it far past K as the bell rang – great set up for a test 😉 .

horse spooking at judges booth

This is where it became such a great learning experience – by the third time we showed in this arena Peach Muffin made it around without any spooks.

Showing you all this so you know we’re out here struggling just as much as you.  Or probably more but who’s counting 🙂 .

The most difficult show weekend to date…  Results and some really nice pictures from two different tests coming up next.  Focusing only on the good parts here.  The way to go!

Right now, off to groom and do a fourth show day.  Somebody’s got to finish last!

6 thoughts on “Windy Warmup

  1. Just think how lucky you are to be able to expose Cottonball/Sparrow Eye/Cornchip/Peach Muffin to all these various degrees of stimulation and distraction (wind, judge’s booth, warm-up chaos) at First Level. By the time you get to Grand Prix she will be so “ho-hum I’m over it” that you will have forgotten there was ever an issue in the first place. You are fortunate to have these conditions repeat themselves–as they will come up no matter what level you’re at. And Ms Valiosa will figure out sooner (I hope) or later that none of this is as important as listening to her rider, who, by the way, would never ever put her in harm’s way so why fuss about it?

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    1. Yes! Wish we could have done a few three day shows a couple of years ago already. Things may have been different.
      Today, she decided to finally get over it all. Mostly. In awe of her switching like that.
      And perhaps the reason I was so put off by it all the first day – I thought we’d built up better trust than that. And that she’d settle in after a while and let me guide her around.
      Big mistake – never take it personally. Regardless, today we were a team again and I hope we’ll have many more opportunities like this later on!

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    1. The first day was really a joke. We looked pretty awful, and then when she couldn’t barely get past the booth while we were inside the ring it was almost comical. The cone at B or E blew over while we were in there and she was like – “Ahhh, they’re shooting at us!”


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