Results From Show Last Weekend

Miss Blue Pudding, showed she can sort of do it.

We had the hardest 3-day weekend show to date.  The kind that can really test your confidence in ever completely making it even at the lower levels with your horse.

Here are the picture evies of Silverminx, actually surviving, and yes, sometimes nailing a few moves.

showing dressage in windy conditions

First day, a qualifying score, although low, of 60.9 in Training Level Test 3. The First Level test on each of the three days never got a qualified score.

showing at training level

Second day, an even better score at Training Level with a 61.8, even with a costly course error for a full percentage point.  She felt so much better on day two – best decision ever to do the full multi-day show!

riding straight on to centerline

In the First Level test there was so much tension she swapped leads once in the counter canter, which cost points in the movement following too.  Live and learn for us both.

canter at training level on center line


Day three, we didn’t manage to pull off a good score in any of the two tests.  Dressage can be very humbling this way.  If scores sit at 6 to 6.5 in general, it doesn’t take much to completely botch up an entire test and completely blow the score up below 60…

This is why people decide not to show their horses, I’m sure of it.  All that work, only to bomb things once it really matters.  I was still happy with her, she was brave and much more focused on the last day – all that matters.

collecting the trot with short gaited horse
Sugarbuns trying hard and looking so Incredibly Fit, Wow, and Wonderful.

We met some really wonderful people at the show – the dressage community can be really supportive if you let it.  How great is that!  Amazing riders who all work really hard, some of us a little harder than others.

Brought home three 4th place ribbons and a plan to try again.  Go out and enjoy your horse!

halting at x in dressage test

Poptart got two days off, then two schooling rides, and then we went again.  More next time!

Thank you to friends and family for showing up – lucky to have your support.  Very special husband showing up in a wind storm to take pictures of what looks like the very same thing, over and over 🙂  .

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  1. 9:35 am CDT/ 05-20

    Waiting out a line of thunderstorms to pass through the DFW Metroplex before moving to Fort Worth for the next show. We all look like cowboys and cowgirls in our slickers and boots. 🙂

    You did well. Gaining a little confidence helps, but what’s helping more is the experience. That’s what you need, what Valiosa needs – a little seasoning. You learned a lot too. Getting close to our load time. Will write later.

    Ride well,

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    1. We had to wait another hour before heading to Fort Worth. Lightning and thunder in the morning, we don’t see often in Colorado. We did our transport. Horses settled in nicely and so did we. Dad wore the cowboy look very well with his slicker, worn out Stetson, and boots (no cowboy boots or field boots for him). 🙂

      Riding shows is all about confidence and experience while keeping your expectations in check. Doing the 3-day show helped you in that regard. Experience only comes from riding shows. The more you see, the more you ride all leads to a better understanding of where you’re at. This leads you to the confidence factor … including when you have “I shouldn’t be riding this show” thoughts. Stay with your routine; it’s important to keep your day as normal as possible for both of you. Your best effort is your only expectation. From your pics, I would say you did all of this. You did well. Going forward, build off the positives.

      Ride well,

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      1. Best readers ever!
        Who’d ever give up with as much support as this 🙂
        Sorry about the long weather wait – hope you got where you needed with the horses safe.
        The “I shouldn’t be riding this show” feel is something that has to be acknowledged, pondered for 1 minute, and then brushed aside, goes for all of us. SO hard to do, but just like you say, just practicing it IN competition creates a more experienced competitor. Which we need, Valiosa and I 🙂

        Last Friday, we showed again, just one day. And she was a different horse. So proud of her!


    2. Hey, thank you so much!!
      Texas, always a storm, rain, sand blast, or something else going on 🙂
      Hoping Fort Worth was great – I was there many years ago, but of course never saw anything than a rodeo then.

      Appreciate your note very much!!


  2. I work with adolescents, and I can’t help but think that if Valiosa were a young human with a coach or mentor like you who nudged her out of her comfort zone, requested excellence from her, but appreciated her every try — that’s a kid who would grow up happy and confident and have a good shot at reaching her potential.So, yay.

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    1. Oh thank you Jan! That’s a great way to liken it – nudging her out of her comfort zone. It used to be a very small, tight, little zone. Larger as we go along and I am in awe of how much she settled over the three days!

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    1. Yay, great, thank you! Glad you stopped by, and of course I always love to hear that the pictures are good. My husband took these, but usually it’s my oldest son who takes all of them. Hope to see you again!

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    1. Thank you! She’s very sweet and like most of us with our horses, I adore her 🙂 Not sure if she’ll ever be “exciting” but I’ll be darned if we can’t make it to 2nd Level one day!

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    1. It’s hard sometimes. I’m sure you’ve felt the same pressures – like, why are we even here in this ring?! We’re not ready…
      She needed this really badly, and I’m hoping when we show at the end of summer again, she can be even more relaxed. Love all the other fun stuff you’re doing with Carmen by the way!


  3. First of all, there’s lots of good in these photos! Once you guys work out the show nerves and get the confidence level up, you will be gold. You’re right to keep getting her out and about like this, and things will improve as she learns that shows= lots of praise and treats from mom and a chance to strut her stuff.

    But I also wanted to share a bit of good old classical dressage wisdom, which is that we as riders should ask ourselves regularly–why are we doing this? Why do we ride? For some people, the answer is they want to be at the top of the sport…to compete, win and be the best. But for me (and probably–hopefully–for most equestrians) the answer is because I love horses. I have loved them since I was barely old enough to recognize that feeling.

    And so, with that answer in mind, and channeling my inner nine-year-old-self, I go out and do the things that are hard and scary and that progress us forward. But at the same time if at any point I start to lose touch with the core reason I am doing all this, then I know I am on the wrong track and I need to take a step back and return to a place of love and enjoyment again, wherever that may be.

    This idea of love and enjoyment over competition/progress/goals was reiterated so eloquently to me recently at a lecture I attended by Paul Belasik, classical dressage trainer and author (he has a couple books out if you’re interested) and it was such a good reminder and came at a really good time for me, when I was in the throes of being hard on myself for what I felt was slow progress over the past couple years (during which time I had a baby, ahem).

    I’m passing on that reminder now–not to suggest you should take a step away from showing, but because this concept enabled me to loosen the grip that perfectionism and competitiveness had on me at that time and allowed me to just ENJOY THIS, no matter where we are or what we’re doing or how “good” we’re doing it.

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    1. What a wonderful comment.
      People, are you reading this!
      SO worthy and wise, and we can ALL need a reminder about this at any time in our riding.
      I try hard to appreciate each day I get to even walk next to her shimmering balloon body on the way out from pasture. The day we loose sight on the love for the horse is the day we should end riding.
      SO appreciate this.
      No perfectionism over here! Thank you Tonia!

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  4. Excellent experience and you both look beautiful in the pictures. Well done and you know it will be better and better due to having been through the trial by fire. The wind sure did not help things! Looking forward to future reports 🙂

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    1. Many thanks! This morning’s lesson was eye opening – we’re hopefully going to evolve a lot this summer. What a crazy first 2 days of showing it was. Overwhelming amount of pictures from the other one before last weekend too. Appreciate you coming along for the reports!
      Far above par was at the show!!

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      1. Finn! He taught me so much. I hope things are going well for him with his new owner (well, not so new, I guess they have been together a couple of years now). Loved that pony and hope for the best for him!

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  5. Dressage scores are like the results from an exam. We have it all down at home and then…whaaat….it is different in the ring. However the photos look good of the two of you. The scores are not that bad…really….I have had worse believe me! The fact that you came away from it determined to go on and to get to second level is a testament to the fact that you are rider with courage. As I’ve said before there are the arm chair riders and the riders who have the chutzpah to actually go down that centerline. I believe you have learned a lot in riding those three tests. i always learn riding in a show even if it may be some lessons I did not really want to learn!! So carry on….and know that you are doing well in my books!

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    1. Oh thank you! We try SO hard, and from what I can tell, many riders completely back away when they get a 58 or something. It’s hard to stay the course and brave it in the showring when things are a little rough, but we’re doing it!
      Today’s post shows her being even better and the scores showed it. I think we’re always going to feel pretty inferior though 😉

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