For Those Of Us A Bit Too Busy

All plans of getting the show-update posted have gone out the window.

Too many things going on.  An overflow of wonderful pictures – what am I supposed to do with them all?  Just erase them?

first level dressage horse

Gray Velvet tried so hard and pulled off two really nice tests.  But you’ll leave and never come back if all the photos go up in one post 🙂

I work tonight.  Tomorrow is a schooling day, running day, and Scout Court of honor.  Your photographer is working toward his Eagle while your little horse tamer is getting his Star Rank.

And there’s a physical therapy appointment for, well, butt pain.  Because some of us are more pain in the butts than others.

gray mare competing in dressage
Lady Sealskin trotting her stuff. Promise an update from this day soon!


6 thoughts on “For Those Of Us A Bit Too Busy

  1. I love all the nicknames that are appearing in this blog. A friend once said, “the most beloved pets always have a lot of names…”, and I have found that to be very true! Happy that Valiosa has a name for every day of the month (or perhaps every hour of the day, or minute of the hour?).

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    1. I’m so glad! Thank you! Got my punishment for it all, finally. Very sick. On the couch and started antibiotics. Back in the saddle on Tuesday for sure. The price we pay 😉


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