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This is from Tonia.  We both clearly play on the same team.  Enjoy!

“…  A bit of good old classical dressage wisdom, which is that we as riders should ask ourselves regularly–why are we doing this? Why do we ride? For some people, the answer is they want to be at the top of the sport…to compete, win and be the best. But for me (and probably–hopefully–for most equestrians) the answer is because I love horses. I have loved them since I was barely old enough to recognize that feeling.
… With that answer in mind, and channeling my inner nine-year-old-self, I go out and do the things that are hard and scary and that progress us forward…  if at any point I start to lose touch with the core reason I am doing all this, then I know I am on the wrong track and I need to take a step back and return to a place of love and enjoyment again, wherever that may be.
This idea of love and enjoyment over competition/progress/goals was reiterated so eloquently to me recently at a lecture I attended by Paul Belasik …it was such a good reminder and came at a really good time for me, when I was in the throes of being hard on myself for what I felt was slow progress over the past couple years (during which time I had a baby, ahem).
I’m passing on that reminder now–not to suggest you should take a step away from showing, but because this concept enabled me to loosen the grip that perfectionism and competitiveness had on me at that time and allowed me to just ENJOY THIS, no matter where we are or what we’re doing or how “good” we’re doing it.” (Tonia)

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  1. Ah! How nice, thank you for the shout out, that was a pleasant surprise!! But mostly I am just glad I could pass along that sentiment…it is a really helpful little mantra that I hold close now at all times. Helpful in all aspects of life, actually, not just the horsey parts. 🙂 I am in no way a classical purist, but there is much to learn from the masters. I especially love the way the classical teachings talk about dressage the way musicians talk about music, yogis talk about yoga, and dancers talk about dancing…that art first and a performance second.

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  2. Wonderful wisdom! Thank you for sharing it. And I have heard great things about Paul Belasik. Hope to have the pleasure of riding with him or auditing a clinic some day…

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