Braid Poll Result

Unanimous vote for the larger braids

Thank you for voting – already over 25 votes for the sewn-style so far.

Dressage On A Dime A Horse For ElinorQuietly dying, who wouldn’t want to cut the prep time some and just do the rubber bands..?

Not giving up just yet – Alli had a great link for braids with a thicker mane.  I’ve also got another rubber band style that still gives the softer, larger look, without sewing…

We’ll call that one The Flyinge Swedish Pretzel style.

Valiosa and pasture friends have looked fat like ticks all spring, even with no hay fed for months.

Leaving with a picture from the end of last summer, when she seemed so heavy.  Looking slim in this picture, compared to now.

perfect weight andalusian cross mare

8 thoughts on “Braid Poll Result

    1. Yay Julie! Needed someone to vote for the quick braids 😉 I’ll have to keep doing them for certain shows, especially on 3-days if we do that again – sometimes there’s just no time to sew them. I’ll be trying the Swedish pretzel style though – they’re better looking than the “stick up” kind.


    1. Ugh, I’d imagine you guys have grass for months on end… In our part, it will be all dead in just a couple of weeks, and even with that, it’s late this year due to a cool month of May and rain(!!) two times last month. We can’t ride this pudge off! 🙂


  1. I do like the slim look. So difficult with our easy keepers, especially if they live in a pasture! Turn around and they’ve doubled in size. Do be careful, this breed is prone to laminitis. Grazing muzzle seems like an excellent idea, if she will keep it on (and even if she only keeps it on some of the time). Good news is that the grass will soon dry up and disappear.

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    1. For her, grazing muzzle is out, since she’d have to have it on too much, and her gelding friend would pull on it, sigh. Grass looks completely dead (phew!) – I saw they’d been fed a little lunch hay yesterday, so maybe things will calm down in a couple of weeks. Right 😉

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