News From The Farm

Last month had the first weeks of “quiet” at our training barn.

Between 18-20 horses with trainers, grooms, owners, and some riders moved out.  Around 25 lucky ones still there (Can’t keep track.) and between all the activities, it wasn’t all that quiet after all 🙂

riding without other horses in the arena

Barn management does a fantastic job keeping a clean, well-run facility, and prep work before shows starts days before.

In May alone, there was a 2-Day jump show.  Then a 3-day dressage show.  Then another 3-day dressage show.  With riders coming in early before the show and all sorts of prepping, weeding, cleaning and lights installed in the portable show stalls for the season.

Great stuff –  we need lots of that while schooling!  To stay focused with distractions around, you’ve got to have some distractions.

Other news; a short-term training opportunity for Valiosa and I this month.  Very exciting, and definitely not planned for earlier in the spring.  More later!

She had 5 days off since I got really sick, and then sort of pathetic work since it’s hard to ride when you’re still sick…  Today:  Day 10 – Fresh start!

Rice Puff says Hi!

rice puff horse

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    1. Love to hear it! I hope this will be a really fantastic month for us, training wise, where we’ll grow a lot. I know she can do so much better and I’d love to bring it out! Hopefully, by end of month, I’ll have pictures to show her latest development 🙂


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