Trending Mare Things That Need To End Now

Mare Habits

  • Snubbing almost every supplement.
  • Sniffing the manure shovel and then spooking at it.
  • Sharting when you pick the hinds.
  • Slobber-muzzle rubbing across clean shirts.
  • Standing heat.
  • Scrubbed tails, where the top ends up looking like a pine cone.



Spanking new supple stirrup leathers make up for it all!  Soft and awesome!  Pinecone tail in the background…

supple stirrup leathers

14 thoughts on “Trending Mare Things That Need To End Now

  1. Ugh we have pine cone tail going on too. I can’t even fix it because the middle of the top of her tail is completely gone (rubbed off on something), so the pine cone is the only thing hiding a bald spot!

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    1. Hate it.
      When I first got her, she was a true mess. Figured out if I clean between the udders every single ride (some mares are just waxier and it bothers them) she’s a lot better. In winter, no rubbing at all. Summer though, seems they just can’t help it 😦
      I have to be really meticulous during any heat cycle too, or she’ll rub more. Mares are great 🙂

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  2. I laughed at the sharting when you clean the hinds. That is just so delightful when they do that! and the tail rubbing…have you checked carefully for ticks? I had a mare who rubbed her tail and it turned out there were some ticks (YUCK). Generally I find if I keep the tail reasonably clean (wash, and rinse all soap out), then not much tail rubbing but of course when they are in season, all bets are off. As for being snotted by the mare, you do realize she’s just marking you as hers, right? It’s inevitable, just give up.

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    1. Yeah, love being love-marked by her 😒haha. Sort of cat like behavior.
      As for the tail, it’s mostly when she’s cycling, and if she runs in pasture with friends and doesn’t get a rinse. And she just loves scratching on stuff… Ticks would be so gross!


    1. We’re in that club too! I fret about it – she can’t be a real show horse in temperatures like this if she’ll spend every first day NOT drinking from a bucket… Still, I offer it to her, and she’s like -“you’re nuts, why would drink now!!?”
      Electrolytes this summer in addition to salt may help us, we’ll see…


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