Here’s Where She Is In The Training Now

Definitely looser, a little more over the back.

Monday morning is starting off with a bad calf strain for me, so no riding this morning.  On again tomorrow.

white horse in dressage

As promised, today is a quick peek at where Valiosa is in her training.  We still do strange tweaky things but overall, she’s made a huge change in the past two weeks!

horse falling out on volte
Salt Box Mare – falling out of her box.

Once she comes off the inside leg aid instead of pushing against it, we come together more like one package.  Awesome when it happens!

canter with small white horse

dressage with gray horse

Last week I had her teeth floated again, and she had an overall vet check.  It’s helpful to have another eye check her gaits – easy to become “home-blind” right?!  She passed various flexing and prodding – wonderful!

pushing the hand forward in canter

Had her on Pentosan for some time, just to help out, but never noticed a hugely significant difference.  Has that happened to you?  Trying another series soon, to help protect as much as can – hoping for many years with this mare – at 6 ml instead of 5.

She’s already so much softer just from working better!

riding with looser rein in canter

Have a great start on your week!

8 thoughts on “Here’s Where She Is In The Training Now

    1. That’s great Jan! I waited too long to take the leap to this. Decades out of the saddle. Many years a horseless rider after that. To be honest, I’m still just as grateful for having her 🙂 as when we started!


  1. The first time I had Izzy’s hocks injected my vet recommended a several weeks/a month of pentosan. I never really felt like it helped his back much. Regular chiropractic adjustments, “correct” riding (hahaha), and time have helped loosen him up more than anything else. :0) They’re all different in how they progress though, aren’t they?

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    1. I did her hocks first time in May last year, and yep, vet recommended Pentosan, and we stayed on it plus another loading period in November.
      The dose was too low, curious to see if there’s a difference with a period at 6ml! 😁


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