Gray Horse Overdose

There was this handsome visitor.

Such a gorgeous PRE.

gray pre stallion

Gray horses nestle their way in once you own one.  It’s what they do.  At first, no early sign of addiction.

Then, you find yourself taking pictures of other gray horses…

gray andalusian stallion

Maybe there is a problem…


Tomorrow – Thistle Thursday!

Come back to see what that’s all about 🙂 gray horse in thistles

riding in thistles

9 thoughts on “Gray Horse Overdose

  1. Hey there … be careful when riding through a field of thistle. They get pokey when bone dry. About keeping your hands closed, Deborah says please work hard on that. It’ll allow you to communicate better with Miss V. Every top rider across the disciplines have said it begins and ends with how you handle the reins in how good of a rider you become.

    PS – Check your inbox. We sent you an email. 🙂

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    1. The reins have been slipping more and more, definitely time to buckle down on that! 🙂
      The thistles are already drying out now, and yes, very pokey and sharp, leg boots help but not for all.
      Thank you for the note! We’re safe from the fires this time. There was also one South east of us with LOTS of smoke coming our way. I worry more about Valiosa, outside, than our dogs, since they can go in the AC inside with cleaner air. Just as harmful every time these fires. The amount of money spent on controlling ALL the California wildfires is staggering…
      Hoping this fourth week is going great for your riders! They’re so dedicated and hard working. An invite to the Nationals is in their cards – I’m sure of it! Hope everyone will have some well earned downtime after this week! 🙂


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