Monday Is ON Day

New week.

New energy.

New things to figure out.

monday ride

The difference between dreams and reality is called discipline.

No one ever thought it’d be enough to “just show up”, right?

gray horse


10 thoughts on “Monday Is ON Day

  1. So much of it is about building muscle and strength for her, and muscle memory for you so that it all becomes second nature and (relatively) easy to ride in balance. Ha ha ha! Yes, well, that is the idea and if you think back to what things were like a year ago, you will realize you have made tremendous progress. Try not to look too far ahead, because that’s when discouragement sets in. Baby steps and just keep moving (and it’s often two steps forward, one step back…or vice versa).

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    1. She needs a LOT of strength! The quarter horse part of her suggests strongly that she doesn’t use her hind to sit on. At all. Ever. And it’s been difficult to get that Rocking Back feeling in both trot but also canter, where she can easily get too 4 beat. Amazingly challenging. And you’re so right – it’s easy to look too far ahead when things are going just a little bit better, and then get stumped because the progress is so small-slow-stunted-or what have you. Comparing to a year ago, we’re rocking, and I need to keep that in mind ๐Ÿ™‚ Thank you!


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