Global Backyard-Horse Day

Take part in celebrating Global Backyard-Horse Day!

Maybe it’s not all that official.  No balloons or flags.  Yet.

But it is a thing now!

global backyard horse day

Taking my butt-high, behind-the-leg Butter Melt Mare to be all that she can be – so can you!

Go forth without fear.

Observe the day any way you like! Show us your backyard horse!  Links in comments are fair game. 🙂

Report from the weekend show coming right up!

2 thoughts on “Global Backyard-Horse Day

  1. We have a rather large “backyard” these days. And, it would be safe to say the horses are not the backyard kind. 🙂

    Sounds like you had a good weekend at the dressage show. Open classes are tough events to ride. The girls rode quite a few when they were beginners and novices. Occasionally, they rode against a professional. More often than not, the professional was doing a little teaching also – which they enjoyed very much. And, when my girls ride an open class, they do the same – lots of encouraging and a little teaching to the younger riders.

    The girls today are on another walking tour of the medical school – the classrooms, laboratories and offices. If you’re wondering, the students get a cubicle office to hide out in. Tomorrow (Thu, Jul 19) is the White Coat Ceremony in which the new students are formally received as medical students. They’ll be receiving their official waist length white coat (think: white hunt jacket) with the University of Colorado Health logo. We’ll be there too for the ceremony and the reception that follows. Laurie had some nice, gold-finish nametags made for them. She doesn’t want any instructor/doc say “Hey, you” while fumbling to find their name on their ID badge. Andrea picked up two extra white coats for each one, it’s the nurses length. On Friday, they’ll be back to riding … practicing for an invitational in Santa Fe.

    Deborah will write you later.

    A link for you about a Laura Graves dressage clinic:

    I think it may be your reading assignment from Deborah. 🙂


    1. I’m glad you were able to solidly ride your tests. My advice and suggestions, and those of other readers, did not contribute to how well you rode. It says you worked well during your month of instruction, making the adjustments you needed to make. Riding, whether it’s your discipline or mine, we’re responsible for leading our horses and place them in the best position to succeed. The hard part now begins, and that is building on your success. This is when you need to be attuned with Valiosa. It seems she’s a horse who is okay with structure – that means a structured warm-up, a structured practice session. A poor ride? Take it apart and understand why. A good ride? Take it apart and understand why.

      Time to get back to work in the practice ring. 🙂

      I hope you had an opportunity to read the post on the Laura Graves dressage clinic. There are bits of some solid, good advice from Laura regarding warm-up, showing and knowing your horse. You already know Laura almost pulled out a win in the WC Dressage, but finishing second. Like in any sport, it’s about experience. She’s likely noted it dutifully in her mind and riding journal.

      For ourselves, we’re back to riding and preparing for another show. It’s an invitational, a subset of the larger show in Santa Fe next weekend (Jul 26-28) – six events, three days culminating with the show’s Grand Prix event. Twenty riders, most are top 15 amateurs from around the nation and 5 very good professionals. Definitely a different set-up, and not your standard show competition.

      Ride well,


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