Wonderful Show Results!

Friday last week – finally pulled off two great tests in the showring!

Valiosa was fantastic!  Seriously, she was.

She came out like an angel in the warmup.  A little more up.  A little more forward.  But more in a “Hey, I’ll let you decide what we’re doing here and I’ll just go with whatever you say” – way.

warming up outside the show ring
Right before the start.

She’s going to continue to surprise, I can tell.  This was a three-day show;  I put her in for one day only.  A gamble, who knows which horse will show up on show day, but this time she was all business.

entering at centerline

Best, miraculous day with clouds, in July.  Fantastic!

Lots of walking in the warmup – made sure to have tons of extra time, in case Frau Coconut decided to freak out, but instead, she was just perfect and I had to be careful not to wear her out.

first level test 2

canter in first level test 2

Energetic, but with her rider, not on her own agenda.  Zero spooking around the two separate judge boxes and she felt sort of excited to get started.

SO proud of my mare for making such a huge turnaround.

stretchy trot at first level
Stretchy trot can use some help.

We showed First Level Test 2 and Test 3.  In the first test, she got 62.3 in a really clean test, which included a super ugly kickout in the first canter transition and only a “3” there.  It’s been our trademark move – major kick/buck/tweak at the first canter in Every. Single. Show.  🙂  I should stop doing that.  Maybe her too.

The rest was great!  She placed 2nd AA horse, but the class had only 7 riders so there was no split between Pros and Amateurs:  ribbons went to higher scoring Open competitors.

up canter

In Test 3 she got 64.7, even with a “4” from a botched lead on the diagonal.  The rest came out really well, so prompt in transitions, very keyed in.

She rode like she was showing – for sure she’s figured out what show day really means!

trot straight on centerline

I’ve waited over a year to have her feel like this.  Major relief to finally pull it off.  Next up, pics from the second test and some picking on things that really need fixing. Because no one wants to hear about only good stuff.

7 thoughts on “Wonderful Show Results!

  1. Wow, the uphill canter photo looks amazing! I love to see the pictures and to hear all the good news. Feel free to brag on your girl, you and she have worked hard and endured a lot to get to where you now are. It is SO nice to have a successful show. So many of them can be frustrating for so many reasons (mare feels cranky that day, or it’s really hot, or windy, or just BECAUSE). So, celebrate and be glad that she was with you so beautifully. That’s what it’s all about: harmony between horse and rider. I’m so proud of you both!

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  2. OH MY!!!!! Um, hello, your canter pictures are to die for!!!! You guys both look really fantastic. I mean, you two always do, but daaaaaang–now you look pro and she looks like she’s ready to move up a level. 😀 So glad you keep going out there and doing it. And I LOLed at Frau Coconut.


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