Come spend a morning with us in the covered round pen.

Sometimes spooky in there.

Shadows and movement from the covered walker next door.  Spring crazy rabbits come in through the panel gaps.  At least that’s her excuse.

setting up for lunging in round pen

Days with too much spring grass, a beach ball belly, bouncy-ball legs, and a new stallion from Florida, are made for visiting the round pen.

working in covered round pen

Always a pretty relaxed horse, there were a couple of weeks where you could only whisper Trot or Canter to start.  She’d still anticipate, and go in to it with a squeal.

trotting in covered round pen

Disobedience, yeah sure.  Still, feeling a little spicy and wanting to express herself is good!  Playfulness is welcome.  (Just coming off a 2 months test on Red Cell.  Nope, no more feeding Red Cell.  Crazy stuff!  Too exciting.)

horse playing on the lunge line

Back to innocence.

adjusting tack in round pen

That’s all from Buckingham Palace.

Positivity Week Day 2: Low Jumps

Carrying on with another positive post!

It had been a long time since she had an easy ground work day with low jumps.  She may not be the most natural talented jumper, but it was fun for her!

jumping dressage horse over low rails

The surprise – she’s gained power, and stride-length in the canter.  Two very low rails in a row threw her off several times and she’d take the second one sort of “by luck.”

dressage horse jumping low rail


And with too much speed…  Until I figured out this wasn’t right for her any more.

free jumping dressage horse

Super positive spin with this mare – she’ll just hang out like this while stuff is being fixed.  Traipsing around getting spooked or tangled up is for nillies.

jumping with the young dressage horse

Then she’ll try it again, sure, feeling brave and superwomanish.

free jumping horse on lunge line

Next positive post on Saturday morning!  Until then, all ears for any good stuff from your side.

Still Not Well

A bit longer break than hoped for.

Who ever wishes for a long break, or a break at all, anyway ?

Tomorrow, day 14 of no riding, not counting that 1 st day with a half ride when she first started coughing.

horse peeking out from behind tree


Everything else with her is just right; perky, no nasal discharge at all now, and of course still no fever, or she would have had a complete workup by now.  (Some serious weight gain though…)  She’s had a few light workouts from the ground and she doesn’t cough at all at the walk or trot.

I think we’re at the end of it.  Maybe there’s a fox tail embedded and inflamed somewhere…  She just doesn’t seem sick at all.  Dental is scheduled mid week next week, so the vet can take a good look in there then, and a blood panel if things stay the same.

horse next to shady trees


A few fun days, just because it’s nice to hang out together,  with long lining, both indoors and out.

long lining horse outdoors

Of course she’s been a superstar.  Fumbling back there with equipment is just fine with her.

Answers to questions coming up next time! 🙂

Cavaletti Post

One of those cross training days.

Honestly, dragging out the cavaletti poles for the first time since she moved to this farm.  Making a commitment to do it again later this month, but then we’ll give it a rest for the summer.

trotting over ground poles

She remembered just fine how to do it.  Ridden too, no prob.

ground work with young horse to build strength

horse stepping too long over trot poles

Trying to take two at a time, too much work 🙂

trotting over cavaletti
Because, can you honestly say for sure that every ride is building up the horse? Never tearing it down?

I know I can’t. We don’t do the wonder-connection-all-the-time-every-time-with-only-positive-physical-benefits.  One day we’ll get there.  You too I hope!  Until then, she gets these strength building days occasionally.
distance for trot poles

Cross Training

It didn’t go exactly as planned.

Thought she’d have a blast with this toddler tunnel.

play day with horse in arena

Instead it became the weirdest walking exercise.

walking horse over obstacles

Even the dogs at the barn thought it was a strange and nothing to play with.

We have a show planned for next month so maybe we should buckle down and focus on that.  Stop clowning around and wasting time 🙂 .  This time, she’ll go First Level Test 2.  Counter canter doesn’t sneak in until Test 3, so we should survive.

horse jumping over tunnel obstacle

It’s not necessary for the handler to jump too.  Who does that?!

Seriously, we’re going to practice All The Things for this showfocused.  (But first I have to get rid of this flu that has kept me on the couch for 4 days now!) With no distractions, so she can come in with the right mindset, settle in to work quickly, and pull it all off as easily as an Intro Level test.  (Right.)

No goofing off.

Just maybe some Horse-Jogging.  Yes, it’s a thing!

running with horses

Something different today.

This is not going to be super exciting.

90% of average readers just clicked away.  Good.  You are not average.

Everyday barn pictures.  Just because I never really take time to take any.  Or post them.  So come along for a few!

Dark rainy day in the barn.

barn with high ceiling

Valiosa, disdaining the short cross ties.

sky lights in barn ceiling


hanging wet horse blankets to dry

Barn laundry.  If you were to confess, how many of you have ruined your laundry machine at home with horse blankets?  I may have.  Not admitting it.  Just, maybe it happened.

tumble drying horse blankets

Youngest new stallion in the barn, Jaleo DA with Alexis.

horse explosive on lunge line

young stallion saddle breaking

I built a quick jump for Valiosa.  It’s been a long time.  Just to see if she still thought it was fun…

building jumps in arena

She did!

jumping horse on lunge line

free jumping with young horse

dressage horse jumping small bounce

keeping dressage fun for the horse

The giant bounce jump:

variety in dressage work

It’s the weekend!  Go out and enjoy!