Hazy, Smokey Days At The Pond

white horse standing with dog

We’ve had some really good rides.

If she can go like that at a show, she’ll do really well.  You know how that goes, schooling at home vs showing…

As promised, some outdoor pictures, just hanging out.

Really doesn’t matter what season it is – there’s always somewhere, or something that looks nice and alive, right?


taking pictures of horses in nature

Planning on hanging on to this great feeling she’ll offer at the end of each ride, and see where it takes us.  Some nice walk-canter transitions would be really cool, but that’s far off.  For now, just hanging out, and enjoying it.

With our little hind end stalker.

white horse standing with dog

More Sitting Trot Please

getting good outdoor pictures of horse

Think it’s time for a training update for September.

Or at least some schooling pictures, to show how we’re doing.  No big surprises, spoiling it here, but the biggest improvement is that she’s started offering her back more.

Meaning sitting trot is truly happening, not just an “idea!”

Some shots of it coming up soon, promise.

But today – a big shout out to my awesome sons! 

They don’t read this stuff,  so I could say all sorts of mush, but let’s just leave it with that they are fantastic, both of them.

riding gray horse in the forest

They’ve taken some really nice outdoor pictures.  Show you sometime next week!  In a few, we’re even both looking at the camera 🙂  These were sort of the bloopers.

Maybe best not to park inside a tree, for a more relaxed picture…

getting good outdoor pictures of horse

Keep an eye out for a new Site Header this weekend!  Time for something new!  And let me know what you think!

Short Read, Day 8 – Ride Your Possum

walking on a long rein


Gray Mare, finally thought she’d caught on…


– “Yes, I get it! Oh, finally!”

– “You want me to waver like a lit possum through the corners!

– Gaping on the bit like I ran out of toothpaste this morning and just rubbed my gums with a little rat poison instead?!

– Alrighty Mam, you’ve got it!”

lengthening the canter

Actually, she turned out pretty good in this ride.  Once we’d both landed on the same planet.

walking on a long rein

The leg yield.  Yes, still needs some.  Work.

crossing over with the hind leg in leg yield

End Of Summer. Next Month

leading horse to barn

We’re finally getting a break from a streak of days of very high temperatures.

Still, summer isn’t over at all until next month.

outdoor mare shelter

Breakfast for the mares, since the pasture, even though it’s many acres, is too burnt out to be enough.

catching horses in pasture

This very small part of the front pasture  looks like a desert until winter rain comes.

dried out summer pasture

Long morning shades, love them!

If you pull her away from breakfast, better provide a walking buffet on the way to the barn.  Seriously, she can afford to miss more than one meal… 🙂

walking in from summer pasture

My horse wrangler with Valiosa.  She turns in to a very gentle and meek mare as soon as he shows up.

leading horse to barn

A few more Short-Read posts for coming up!  Thought today was a great day to check in on how things looked for us on an early morning this week.  I’d love to see what it looks like on your end.

boy walking horse in to barn