Vulnerability, For Strength

dressage horse blogs 2018

Not sure about you, but I click on some sites more often than others.

Hard to say why, but there are some that really are interesting – when there’s extra time it’s great to see what’s going on.

A big key to it – open writing.  Sure, plain and conversational helps.  But also, reading something that most would rather not show to others makes it a lot more interesting.

vulnerability in writing

Vulnerability: There’s strength in that. Even though it seems polar opposite.
Just sharing some training issues makes the writer face it all – accept that Yep, right now they’re probably looking like they don’t know what they’re doing.  Or things may not be going all that great.

And that this is OK.

dressage horse blogs 2018
Your not overly impressive team. But happy!

Horse sport is incredibly difficult.  No one will argue with that. 🙂 Doing it on your own, even more so.

Adding the discipline of dressage; ultra meticulous and so elusive most people grow mold just trying to explain what it is, makes it almost impossible.

It’s been a blast sharing some of the challenges with our training, and of course it’s going to click more with readers than glossy things, endless perfect days and successes.  (Good, since we don’t have too many.  Yet.)

It makes you a better rider too, just reading about someone wrestling with the same stuff.

how to write so readers come back
Let’s go achieve something, even if we don’t know how to get there!

The crazies that goes along with it are half the fun.

Up next, a riding tip.

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Much easier way to catch up though!

Tomorrow on this page – Valiosa, prancing in pretty weeds.  Good stuff if maybe you feel you haven’t accomplished much with your horse lately.

We’re in the same boat.  And loving it!

horse walking in flowers
Weed walking and other pointless hobbies.


Invitation To Share Your Site

how to motivate your blogging friends

Late last spring, this post below went up.

It’s worth offering this to you again!

Read on – and feel free to chime in the comments!

Open invitation to share “What Makes Your Site Different.”

A Horse For Elinor has been the same from the very start – I write, and take way too many pictures, of and about the horses I ride.  Training, some competing, and like all other dressage riders strive to find that “just that right” connection with my horse.

Warning – looks like a personal post coming up.

Every blog is different – and this is where you come in at the end of the post!

Part of what makes this site have its own “feel” is that it’s written by an adult rider who wants to have lots of fun but still has several goals.

Tons of Horse Blogs out there.  Lots of energetic young riders writing endless product plugs.  Or how about the massive amounts of Scandinavian horse blogs where it’s all about matching the polo wraps and saddle pad?..  This site has mostly impolite posts about training on my own with a young horse.

bare hoof riding ggt footing

Still, we’re moving forward, getting out to compete, and have a blast doing it.  I have more physical ailments and side-kick diseases than I can keep track of at this point (Hey, who’s counting?!).

It’s inspirational to read about others who push through that, and have fun and do well anyway.  Maybe you think so too?

barefoot dressage

It’s challenging sometimes, when you look just fine on the outside, healthy, and in shape.  I show up, get the once-over glance; – “Oh, she’s one of those…”  Truth is I have to sometimes literally scrape myself up and scoop me out the door.  My body can be a super hero one day, and leave me half-broken and unable to do much the next.

I get a sense of constantly letting people around me down, because of making tons of energetic commitments while getting sick, or injured, so often.

It’s not the focus of this site at all, but some of the – “Hey let’s enjoy the heck out of this for as long as it lasts!”, probably comes through 🙂

bare foot dressage training

So.  Now it’s your turn! 

Today’s blog post is an opportunity to say “Hello” to other readers.

Comment below with what makes your site “just a bit different.”  Or Comment with just a link to your blog, as an opportunity to have more readers connect.

It’s just as easy as that!  Or stick a link in there to one of your posts you especially liked creating!

Up to you!

And just like that, it warmed up again.

dressage with gray horse

Winter blankets gone.  Coats almost shed out.

Tack lockers emptied of winter stuff.  Fly spray at the ready.  And where are the fly masks..?  Can’t seem to stop picking at every single little crusty chestnut.  For spring cleaning or something.

riding with jacket on

Already miss riding with a jacket. There are pockets for a phone with music then!

No need to be jealous – buckling down for some serious sweating soon.  Probably just a few weeks.

It’ll be the same thing as every year when the heat sets in – chock.  Denial.  “What now, it’s supposed to be THIS hot?!  Seriously, it’s impossible to go on doing anything in temperatures like this, people can die!”

spring riding and not sweating

Enjoying spring like crazy right now – all 10 days of it!

Riding is so much better in a jacket.

dressage with gray horse