Prestige Anatomic Girth

The Prestige – a nice, extremely well made and plush anatomical girth.

Loving it, and it’s everything it’s made out to be in product descriptions and other reviews!

Just as soft and pliable as the Total Saddle Fit Shoulder Relief Girth, and actually plusher.

Prestige Anatomic Girth Review

Slightly shallower than the County Logic, which was good since it avoids that open “gap” at the front that can occur on some horses depending on their girth grove.

My horse doesn’t need the “super deep” curve and the Prestige (from Prestige Italy) fits great!Prestige anatomical girth review

This girth replaced my Delfina Anatomical girth.  Sadly.  While the Delfina started out great, the underside (touching the skin about 1/3 in from the ends of both sides of the girth) cracked in much shorter time than expected.

With just regular use and good conditioning and cleaning it should have held up longer.  Just a heads up, since I published a review on it when it was new and liked it so much then…

Side-Tip for the Prestige:  Some buyers mentioned a too long distance from the billet buckles to the single billet keeper.  The billet keeper sits a full inch lower on the Prestige than on some other girths I’ve seen.  A problem if you ride on the 3rd or 4th hole on the billets, like me, as the billets won’t reach down to be tucked in to the keeper.

It’s really not an issue at all, since the keepers can be tucked into the space right below the buckles instead.  Tidy and no flapping around.  Just thought it was worth mentioning, if you’ve got your eyes on the luscious Prestige girth!

dressage blog prestige girth


Ending today with a shot of the newest arrival in the barn – Cabella.  She likes to wear her food.

horse with hay on the head

Verbindend Bit Tip!

A  shout out to this golden wonder.

My mare really likes the Salox material in this bit.  She needs a very slim bit for her tiny, tiny jaw space.  At 12mm and in this design, she seemed happier than in any other snaffle we’ve tried.  Of course it comes in thicker versions too.

salox material in bits

Soft, very lightweight double jointed loose ring snaffle with less tongue pressure than most.

Dressage On A Dime Tip:  Get it on Ebay! 🙂   Ordered from the UK, arrived impeccable, and a day early!  At a steal.

12 mm, 5 1/4′, Bridoon sized rings.

A little Verbindend love.

neue sheule bit love

Romfh Cool Grip Gloves

Romfh Girls – heads up!

These beauties can be had for a steal at Amazon right now.

grey riding gloves reveiw

Yep, they’re Romfhs.  And grey, which makes them all so much better.  Although you can get them in White, Black, or Black with White as well.  Very short in the wrist as seen above – they’re warm weather gloves after all.

Romf Cool Grip Glove Review

Flexible and grippy!  There is a lighter material between the fingers for breathability in addition to your average perforations.  Rein reinforcement in all the right places, but I have no idea of durability yet.

If your regular glove size is really tight, go up one size in these.  Delish!

Romf glove reivew

Alternative To Mattes Sheepskin Pad

Update on the ThinLine Trifecta Half Pad with Sheepskin rolls.

This pad, still going strong after long past 2 years.  The original review post on the Cotton Trifecta with sheepskin rolls is still getting clicked on, so it’s time for a quick follow-up.

Ultra ThinLine Trifecta reviewThis is a great alternative if fitting in a fair amount of fluffy sheepskin under your panels is, well, too tight a squeeze.  Or, if you want the foofoo sheepskin look, and yep – the ability to add shims, without the Mattes price tag.

alternative to mattes half padI’ve washed this pad twice.  (During 2 years, eeek!  With a square pad underneath it stays surprisingly clean.)  It’s held up well with heavy use as my only go-to half pad.   Some brushing on the rolls, and it’s good to go!

thinline trifecta half pad reviewFind the original review post here:  Ultra ThinLine Cotton Trifecta Half Pad With Sheepskin.

I’ll be back with another half pad review in a couple of months…  Something entirely different.  As long as that order went in correctly…

THIS Hoof Pick

All you other little hoof picks should just go home.

As if they would listen…

the jackhammer jr ultimate hoofpick review

Best Dressage On A Dime Hoof Pick Tip:  The Ultimate Hoofpick!

Yes, it costs more than that little plasticky thing with a silly brush on the end, that either bends during winter or the brush wears out in less than a year.  And yes, it also costs more than that fingernumbing slim metal hoof pick that still isn’t sharp enough for deep, packed, mud in the hooves.

But you only need to buy one, once, and it’ll pick hooves easier and quicker than anything before, forever.

I never really cared too much about hoof picks.  (You know, really, how exciting can they be?…)  Until there were 24 hooves or so to pick in a row.  And it was cold. And every hoof was shod.  And it took forever to get it all out with that other little stubby joke of a hoof pick…

jackhammer hoof pick review

Best little hoof pick ever.  It’s all true – it doesn’t bend, doesn’t break, and best of all, does not have to be replaced.

My original one has now been joined by the Junior version.  Comes in blue or pink, same design, but smaller fit, for us with smaller hands.

Find it here:

EQyss Barn Barrier Spray Review

 Quick Tip On An All Natural Fly Repellant.

I got the opportunity to test this all natural fly spray, and have used it in all sorts of conditions for several weeks now.

There’s no oily residue, it smells absolutely fantastic, and it’s citronella free – for horses where that’s important.  I really like that it’s all chemical free, and it will not hurt the tack in any way.

eqyss barn barriew review

We don’t have heavy flies at the farm.  Only 5 horses, mostly living outdoors, very dry conditions and fly predators to keep the population down somewhat.  I also keep my mare on a feed through product for 2 or 2.5 months to help keep fly numbers low even more.

Still, the flies are there, and they’re pesky!  For us, an all natural product like this is not strong enough to do as good as the “oil based” ones like Pyranha etc.  And for those biting, tiny gnats that live where there’s grass and like to eat inside the ears, it does nothing.

eqyss fly spray review

Instead, I mostly use this spray during grooming time in the cross ties, and before a ride in the covered arena, where flies are always really light.

Great for use on a grey horse – no ugly sticky buildup at all!  If you have to go all natural, this is a good choice.  Just be ready to reapply often.

eqyss natural fly spray