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Possibly the smallest Insta account ever, definite non-trendy.  You’ll just have to view it as a private club 🙂

why link your Instagram account to WordPress
Much easier way to catch up though!

Tomorrow on this page – Valiosa, prancing in pretty weeds.  Good stuff if maybe you feel you haven’t accomplished much with your horse lately.

We’re in the same boat.  And loving it!

horse walking in flowers
Weed walking and other pointless hobbies.


You’re Not The Only One With a Tighter Horse In the Outdoor Arena

horse more forward in canter outdoors

We’ve been schooling outside a bit – she’s much more upright and distracted out there.

Good stuff!

Mostly, I walk her on the property for conditioning on varying footing. Super helpful for her walk, so much more ground winning than a year ago. But when we’re allowed to go in one of the outdoor arenas it’s worth it with some schooling there!

tense horse in outdoor ring

horse more forward in canter outdoors

Lately she’s been forward in canter, which is not usually her thing, only to become really strong if I get fooled into too much on the inside rein. Like this ⇓ 🙂 Then she just takes off with us both.

downstride in canter

Or she’ll mix it up with a dead-stop fake-spook to keep things interesting. Mostly, I wait for her to take a breath, and then we go again as if nothing happened.

riding through spooking
My horse, a breathing tripod. Ever seen one who can place their hinds this tight? One touch and we’d tip over…

Riding Silverfish takes a lot of patience. All worth it!

dressage outdoors

As soon as it gets baking hot even before 10 am, I know we won’t be out there too much. Taking advantage when we can – show you more of that next week!

Things – Looking Up!

spring horse riding

Schooling rides have been interesting lately.

If you don’t normally get a race car mare, it’s really fun to suddenly have one.  Maybe a bit confusing how to actually ride 🙂  but I’ll take it!

To make sure Valiosa continued the right direction with healing up from the abscess – lunging before riding.  Checking her gaits, overall temperament etc.  She’s been really willing to work.  Honestly never seen this horse apply herself like this on the lunge.

riding in park like setting

Part of the reason I ended lunging long time ago – she’d work her body better under saddle, developing  the right muscles there, not on the lunge.

Now, she comes out with a vroom, settles in to light side reins, and thinks canter is really fun in the covered round pen.  OK then.

Whatever has changed, it’s been great to see!  Spring grass.  Less grain.  Different grain.  More B-Vitamins.  Less work.  Spring weather.  Being in heat every day.  Last month’s saddle adjustment.  Looser cavesson and flash.  Stronger hind.  Whatever it is, it’s working!

spring horse riding

Hoping this happy horse will continue showing up most days!

Getting pictures to show you in a few days!

Invitation To Share Your Site

how to motivate your blogging friends

Late last spring, this post below went up.

It’s worth offering this to you again!

Read on – and feel free to chime in the comments!

Open invitation to share “What Makes Your Site Different.”

A Horse For Elinor has been the same from the very start – I write, and take way too many pictures, of and about the horses I ride.  Training, some competing, and like all other dressage riders strive to find that “just that right” connection with my horse.

Warning – looks like a personal post coming up.

Every blog is different – and this is where you come in at the end of the post!

Part of what makes this site have its own “feel” is that it’s written by an adult rider who wants to have lots of fun but still has several goals.

Tons of Horse Blogs out there.  Lots of energetic young riders writing endless product plugs.  Or how about the massive amounts of Scandinavian horse blogs where it’s all about matching the polo wraps and saddle pad?..  This site has mostly impolite posts about training on my own with a young horse.

bare hoof riding ggt footing

Still, we’re moving forward, getting out to compete, and have a blast doing it.  I have more physical ailments and side-kick diseases than I can keep track of at this point (Hey, who’s counting?!).

It’s inspirational to read about others who push through that, and have fun and do well anyway.  Maybe you think so too?

barefoot dressage

It’s challenging sometimes, when you look just fine on the outside, healthy, and in shape.  I show up, get the once-over glance; – “Oh, she’s one of those…”  Truth is I have to sometimes literally scrape myself up and scoop me out the door.  My body can be a super hero one day, and leave me half-broken and unable to do much the next.

I get a sense of constantly letting people around me down, because of making tons of energetic commitments while getting sick, or injured, so often.

It’s not the focus of this site at all, but some of the – “Hey let’s enjoy the heck out of this for as long as it lasts!”, probably comes through 🙂

bare foot dressage training

So.  Now it’s your turn! 

Today’s blog post is an opportunity to say “Hello” to other readers.

Comment below with what makes your site “just a bit different.”  Or Comment with just a link to your blog, as an opportunity to have more readers connect.

It’s just as easy as that!  Or stick a link in there to one of your posts you especially liked creating!

Up to you!

How To Score A Show Coat With A Better Price Tag

how to buy dressage coat at discount price

Pikeur show coat, Pikeur quality, without the Pikeur price.

For real.

A reader tip lead to a fantastic site to score a Pikeur at a super price. Sharing the tip today, now that I’ve done the testing for you already!

Order from U.K. based Amira Equi. Yes, it works, the order will go through! Shipping was snail slowish to California, and you’re sort of left in limbo without tracking capabilities or really any shipping updates at all. But it’s awesome!

Find it at Amira Equi.

buy pikeur from overseas

Super easy website, and their currency converter makes things even easier. No VAT, reasonable shipping, to the U.S. (Or where ever you are, but in Europe with VAT.)

Lightweight, navy blue (promise, it IS blue, just dark.) coat arrived the day of the show.

how to buy dressage coat at discount price

Dressage On A Dime A Horse For Elinor

Actually just a couple of hours before, which worked out great since my husband then made a surprise visit at the show grounds with it. Sweet!

Threw it on minutes before mounting to warm up, and it fit. Love it!

Thank you reader peeps for coat shopping tips!

And just like that, it warmed up again.

dressage with gray horse

Winter blankets gone.  Coats almost shed out.

Tack lockers emptied of winter stuff.  Fly spray at the ready.  And where are the fly masks..?  Can’t seem to stop picking at every single little crusty chestnut.  For spring cleaning or something.

riding with jacket on

Already miss riding with a jacket. There are pockets for a phone with music then!

No need to be jealous – buckling down for some serious sweating soon.  Probably just a few weeks.

It’ll be the same thing as every year when the heat sets in – chock.  Denial.  “What now, it’s supposed to be THIS hot?!  Seriously, it’s impossible to go on doing anything in temperatures like this, people can die!”

spring riding and not sweating

Enjoying spring like crazy right now – all 10 days of it!

Riding is so much better in a jacket.

dressage with gray horse