Gray Horse Overdose

There was this handsome visitor.

Such a gorgeous PRE.

gray pre stallion

Gray horses nestle their way in once you own one.  It’s what they do.  At first, no early sign of addiction.

Then, you find yourself taking pictures of other gray horses…

gray andalusian stallion

Maybe there is a problem…


Tomorrow – Thistle Thursday!

Come back to see what that’s all about 🙂 gray horse in thistles

riding in thistles

Sunday Schooling Show

Serrania, Valiosa’s pasture friend, trying out a show.

She’s a young mare who hasn’t been out showing a lot, but schooling 3rd level at home with Alexis.

buckskin pre mare
Alexis and Serrania in the warmup

She was pretty tense with the new experience but handled herself well, – she looks really sweet when she’s focused.  (And she’s got the smoothest trot I’ve ever ridden.)

buckskin andalusian mare

Spent the day as ground help with Serrania who showed First and Second Level, and Calynda who was a star at Training and First Level.

On the side, some goat sitting.  Literally.

nubian baby goat

10 day old on a leash and a bottle.  Want to stand out at the show grounds, some extra attention?  Baby goat is the way to go!

Check back in this Thursday for another PRE Peep and a reading tip!

Today’s PRE Peep 9 – Matador

You asked for it, so here it is.

One last PRE peep.

This is little Matador, a very friendly 2016 colt.

black colt in pasture
Don’t let this fool you, he’s not very shy at all.

close up picture of black coltHe’s weaned, almost ready to move in with one of the stallions for a while.  Super sweet, and will be the only baby available in 2017.  Unless someone snaps him up real soon.

black andalusian coltClosing with Botijo.  On a no good hair day.

horse bad hair day

Today’s PRE Peep 8 – Castiza, Zingara, Hermosa

Wow, 8 weeks of PRE Peeps!

It’s been fun sharing quick shots of them, and I can tell you’ve liked it too.  Next week should be the last post on this.  (Unless someone throws a little withdrawal fit about it.)

Today, a look at some special ladies.

Castiza, shown through Intermediare 1, currently on a little break from the showring.  An incredibly substantial and tall PRE mare, she rules the large pasture.

CastizaI don’t have any flattering new pictures of her – this one below will have to do, from some time back when we both had ended up at a lunging clinic.

Elinor Yee

Hermosa, Young 1st Level Mare.
One of the few available for sale now.

black andalusian mare
Sweet Zingara, now retired broodmare, living the happy life in the large pasture.

black retired andalusian broodmare

Taking pictures out there is, complicated…

andalusian mares in pasture
Just give one of us a cookie or something and get on with it.