Spring Inspiration!

Hi all!

We’re in the middle of a 4-day rain and wind period.  It’s been a bit intense but everything’s still standing – no problems.  Just really stormy.

For any one stuck inside early spring inspiration today!

riding in tall grass

This was just the other week.  Love all the green to the max before it all burns out in summer!  climbing hill with tall grass at the walk

Climbing back up, Gray Silverine had lots of opinions about the scary tall grass.

 – “Snake grass!  I’m sure!  It’s too deep, I’m bolting out of here, NOW!”  Arguing about the pace.

riding in tall grass

Guess who won?  But maybe just this time…  Unless I want to hike back up in the snake grass alone 😉

not bolting up hills

spring with cherry tree and horse
Have a wonderful weekend!

Pretty Ponds With Ugly Names

Good morning!

At the far bottom corner of the property, there’s this seasonal pond.

Complete with rabbits, voles, buzzards, coyotes, deer, and herons passing by.  You can even ride around it on the back berm, if you don’t mind extreme spooking and side stepping.

poop pond

Valiosa detected dead riders in the sludge this day, signaling their presence with her best interpretative moves, so we didn’t check out the far back this time.

nervous horse at pond

Still a great cool-down walk!

gray horse in green grass


taking pictures of gray horses in sun

Have an awesome Monday!

Some Days – Better Than Others

Here she is again, lovely.

As promised on Wednesday – more schooling with Slick Silver.


dressage trot with young horse


canter with gray mare

A little softer, just a little easier, yay!

horse rounding the back in canter

Afterward, I butchered her mane.  Budget boy-cut style.  Mildly awkward.  February will be better again…

Elinor Yee


Waited over 3 years for her to come around…  Now that she’s here, better figure out how to make her want to stay.

Barn Time – The Black Hole

-“So if you’re no longer doing any work or chores at the barn, how come it’s been almost 5 hours since you left and came back?”

Recent question at home…

Well, sometimes it just takes.  Longer.

barn bird
Barn bird. Waiting for oats

That day was one of those days where I could see her sleeping when driving in.  Her two sentries stood guard, two quiet drones watching over her, one hind cocked but alert.

Gray puff-ball laid in a regal pose with her head propped up on the ground.  Deep sleep.  Gave her a few extra minutes before finally walking out there.

She’s decided there’s no longer any reason for alarm when I go to her while laying down.  Never gave her any reason in the first place.  So she stayed down, of course I had to stand there for a while with the others, guarding sort of.

Carrots in bed, some mane scritches, a strange cat-like stretch-move while laying down, and she could finally be convinced to come up.  That stuff takes time.

Part of the reason I have her in the first place – to enjoy her whale-like body and watch her doing strange things.  And sometimes watching birds together.

morning dove at barn
Another barn bird

At the end of riding there was an opportunity to try out a Haflinger for a few minutes.  Haven’t ridden one for many years, so why turn that down?

She also needed to have her mane mutilated while icing her hinds, so we did that with scissors too.

Plus, she wouldn’t finish her grain in the stall where she stands for a while before going back out, so she needed pieces of apple rolled in the left over salt to get her to eat it.

gray horse standing with rider
Wasn’t exactly a time-efficient barn day.


Pictures From Winter Schooling

That perfect horse –


Maybe it was waiting for you in the paddock all along.

dressage horse trotting

the perfect horse

What do I know.

riding through corners

turning up centerline with horse


Keeping it short today.  Since you’re being drowned in pictures.

gray horse cantering

grey horse in canter downstride


Couldn’t pick just three or so.

Yawn.  I know.

silver horse

collecting the canter


Love the Gray Machine for trying so hard.  For both of us!

working from behind in trot

a softer more engaged dressage trot


Kind of feels like you need at least some sort of payoff for putting up with all this and scrolling down through so many pics.

So here goes – a stirrup tip:  Try putting only light downward pressure in the stirrups.  It will keep the lower leg more still.

Genius.  That would have come in really handy.  Some 7 years ago or so 🙂