Folsom Lake Outing

Gorgeous day with friends!

Lucky to have this crew along to the trails at Folsom Lake with Valiosa!  Here’s Christel, Nancy and Gandalf.

Christel and Nancy

Valiosa’s first “longish” trail ride – über professional with real borrowed saddle packs from Christel.  (Never mind we were embarking on less than 1 1/2 hour of trail/beach walking/prancing.)

Saddle bags

Gandalf, possibly more Up than Valiosa.  She only scattered out once, taking advantage of me bending down under low hanging branches.

This day SO did not suck.

Christel and Gandalf

Out in the clear, toward the lake.  That tiny sliver of blue, the partial left-over puddle of Folsom Lake.

Folsom Lake

We’re living in drought.  And with the hope of needed water this winter.

At Beals Point Staging Area
Hello?! Who emptied my hay net?

As for this young super-horse, she proved again she can go pretty much anywhere.

We do however have a new problem of tripping.  Some new stumbling in front.  Testing without bell boots tomorrow…  And talking to the farrier again soon.  Very soon.

Best news – temperatures will be in the 80’s (27 Celsius) the rest of this week!  Completely ignoring the 92 for Friday, things will be so incredibly energizing.  Finally!  Oh, the things we will do in cooler morning weather!

Envisioning teaching proper canter to Valiosa.  One can dream.