Meet Steve

Hi everyone.

Say Hello to Steve.

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Steve doesn’t have a Facebook account.  Or any other social media account.  He still feels gypped with not getting any likes or comments or barely appearing in any family pictures.  For real.

Of course you see the immediate logic in this.

He is also my husband, and he’s great at it.  Today, cheesy selfies with what may just be the most private man ever.

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family selfie

selfies in gothenburg

Happy Birthday Honey!  Love you.

Happy Birthday, 4-Year Old!

It’s Birthday Week for Valiosa.

Valiosa 4 years old

While pledging not to treat her like a baby once a true 4-year-old, this was still somehow the easiest week ever for her.  Babying the hind leg swelling, hand walking, bopping around being fussed over after not really accomplishing much of anything.

Yes, such grown up treatment… in the cross tiesSeriously fun training ahead together!  Funny, but sometimes it feels as if the less I ride her, the better she is the next time.

Have you felt that way with young horses too?

Now, stop fiddling around in the crossties and get on!

Thank you for coming out and visiting us yesterday Nancy!