Questions Answered

dalmatian male
It’s always fun to have readers ask stuff about the blog.

Somehow my dog keeps coming up – yes, I have a Dalmatian!

His name is Dice, he’s 5 1/2 years old.  The best runner ever, but comically a real dud when it comes to lenghty swimming.

And yes, he comes to the barn all day every day, and usually runs or bikes with me before or after too.

dalmatian male
The arena pipe rail supervisor

Actually we have two Dalmatians, although our older female stays home instead of roughing it at the barn all day.

Dice is our 3rd Dal, or 4th really, counting the first foster.  Through so many years of Dalmatian-living, we’ve adapted to their special ways…

So, Dalmatian Diehards, is this good, or should I add quick picture gallery of him too? 🙂

Dog Days Of Summer

Dalmatian Dog by the lake

Many, many weeks of summer fun ahead.

Valiosa will have several extra rest days during the next 10 weeks.  She will turn 5.  And she will enter her first rated show.  In the middle of all that extra resting.

Enough to make the pilot choke.  But possibly enough to increase the Impulsion score.

Happy Memorial Day every one!  Hope your summer is starting out great!

Happy Memorial Day

I’m looking forward to spending even more time with my quirky boys.  They are funny, make me laugh out loud every day, and I’m privileged to have them.

Our dog is also looking forward to more crazy adventures.

Hands down the best dog

Although he won’t get to go on the 5 day backpacking trip to Yosemite.

I hope this summer will have Valiosa sniffing at 1st Level.  Maybe she can.  As long as we have enough saddle time.

Don’t know about you, but a show is sort of great motivation to keep it going through all those long months of sticky summer riding…

Dressage On A Dime

I’m Sorry, Real Life Friends

Canadian horse

I’m still here.

Just in chase you’re checking in here on the blog to see what happened, wondering why it’s been so quiet.

It’s been a bit hectic for many weeks.  You have not been forgotten!  Some extra hours at the barn.  And then all the fun Christmas stuff.  I’m sure you’re just as busy too (Just not getting the horse-addiction thing.)

Even Dice got in the spirits, selling chocolate with the Boy Scouts.



Very serious business for him.

I’ve promised Nancy to keep her horses in shape during her long surgery recovery.


So we ride.  (Yey, more riding!)  Here’s Gandolf.

Gandolf November

Misty, she’s not as forward.  Here she is in hindsight.  Always easy.

Mistys Tail

(It’s always easy to know just what to do in hindsight, isn’t it?)

She has more tail than two horses combined!

When things settle down a little over here after January, I’d love to come and see you.  Until then, I’ll be at the barn!  (What’s not to love about that!)


New adventure – with Valiosa

young horse at new barn


Slithering pungent shadows in the dark against the black iron wrought fence.


The dog, after 4 years, has finally learned not to pursue.

We’re saving big on baking soda, dish detergent, peroxide.  No foul-mouthed doggie showers all summer for a change.  Even after late night outings in our hills above the house.

Valiosa and I have made another, big, change – moving up to my friend’s quiet little dressage barn.  Pure bliss!

Can’t even begin to tell about the whirlwind of work involved in the past 7 days.  It’s all turning out wonderful!  Once finished this fall, perhaps I make a feature on how to make a safe, quick, Dressage On A Dime worthy, horse shelter.

Horse eye

My mare, of course, has been a star all the way around – no destructiveness.  Settled in like a dream immediately.  OK fine, peeing excessively non stop for the new gelding friend, but the rest has been impeccable.

Standing like a lit candle in the new cross ties.

new barn

I’m so happy to have this opportunity – covered arena and all!  (Yes, please don’t hate me.)  Next up, teaching her a real canter transition, and leg yield.  It will take a while.

new at the barn

The war is on

3 in 1 BugLyte reveiw

The fly season has descended on us. 

At your place too, of course,

We’re fighting back this year, from every angle.

Fly Spray, Fly masks, grading of pastures, a very delayed application of Fly Predators (Yes it’s late,  aaaah, it might be too late!) and, new for this year, Feed through Solitude IGR, although it hasn’t been started yet.  Until the effects all set in, Valiosa will get a month of some Bugg Supps.  They stink enough to make me think they’ll work.

3 in 1 BugLyte

All the people in Florida are just laughing at us of course, and our miniscule flies.  Me, I’m about ready to don an ear hood myself.

As for a status update on the ridden parts: 

Well, lets just say, sometimes it’s best to just recharge at home and try again another day…

My best recharge tip:

  • 1 Pink Polka Dot Pyjamas
  • 2 Spotted Dalmatians
  • 1 Home Made Fleece Blanket
  • 2 Home Made Boys – sort of under the blanket here.

Dalmatians in bed

It’s all good.  Happy Mother’s Day Weekend!