Showing This Weekend?

If you are, wishing you a great time!

Valiosa will get in the showring this Sunday.  Just as fun every time!

I think we’re ready.  Probably not a good sign.  You’re supposed to feel like things are kind of shaky, but then pull off a great test anyway.  No?

We’ll have to see how it goes.  It’ll be a blast either way!

dressage blog
At the barn.

Last weekend at Mar Val Stables, Lodi – Alexis and Cariñosa in the warm up ring for Prix St. George. ⇓

warm up for prix st. george

They did great!!

With Gray Mare, I’ll be playing it safe in the lower levels for a while 🙂

The canter, easy(-ish) at home, trickier on the showgrounds…  Report on how it goes next week!downstride in canter

cantering more round

preparing for first level dressage

Before the show, we squeezed in a visit to veterinarian Dr. Linda in Clements.

A new mare at the barn needed some help, and in addition to injections I got to see body work, aqua acupuncture, and shock wave therapy.  Valiosa went too!

preparing for vet visit
At Dr. Linda’s

Great to see awesome quality joint images right then and there, and watch the ultrasound and a shock wave therapy session.  The aqua acupuncture effect, with muscle twitching was definitely interesting!

aqua acupuncture and shock wave therapy
Shock wave on a stifle.

Valiosa, bored and much less impressed with it all.

bored horse
– “Boooring.”

Yes, it’s happening! Good news!

Told you a while back there’d be some good news to share.

Tomorrow is the day.

For now,  a little frantic energy.  Preparations.  No time for much else.  Can’t wait to get started.  Very happy to be part of it all.  Do you welcome change?

I’m ready!  Hope you will come along!

Let's go

Also, never wanting this Blog to be a forum for discontent, it’s worth mentioning I received a beautiful replacement pair of Heritage Premier Show Gloves.  Directly from the manufacturer in the mail yesterday. Flawless! I know they will be just as impeccable as my other previous pairs. Thank you!

In memory of coach Randy

My coach Randy passed away this week.

Countless runners within the greater Sacramento call Randy “My Coach.”  Randy was for everyone and anyone who would share his passion for running.  As long as you were willing to show up, put in a good effort, and take responsibility for your own development, he was willing to be there, in any kind of weather, to coach, to time, to guide.

I will miss him dearly.  Never one to give up, he was beating cancer, the second time around.  Never one to give up myself, I still somehow had hope that he’d make it through.  That he’d be back with us at Ancil Hoffman park, or at the track, forever timing us in whichever devilish workout the day dished out.

Most runners are that way.  We don’t need any coddling, cajoling, big prizes, or major rewards of any kind.  Just someone there, timing each heartbreaking lap on the track. Acknowledging the effort put forth to turn the lungs inside out.  A simple – “Good Job”, the only reward.

So, we all hoped he’d be back.  High school athletes, adult athletes, masters and seniors.  We’ve all relied on his guidance for years, and to many he’s been a running friend for decades.

Golden Gate Park San Francisco RaceThis is a Horse Blog, but I still wanted to say a last goodbye to Randy here as running has been my own passion for so many years.

Sadly, a better runner than dressage rider, but still trying to combine both.

All of us have been given a gift, a talent of some sorts, no matter how humble.  Mine was the ability to run.

Middle aged, triple surgery, two kids later, I still love to do it as much as the body allows.  Next race, will be for Randy.  Go Randy!

Ancil Hoffman Race

Growing out a bridle path

Yes, that shaved part right where the bridle sits on the poll.

Not easy to do, as we’re in the ugliest stage now, the mane sticking up everywhere, refusing to lay down and blend in.

Jaworzno didn’t come with the 4-6 inch long traditional Arabian bridle path, but did have a very neat and tidy 2 incher shaved into the mane.  A sucker for thick forelocks, I’m growing it out.  Every barn has their own philosophy on the necessity of the bridle path.  I think they’re tidy.  But a pet peeve is the half-inch stubble.  Not going to happen here!

front braid
Yes, it is possible to get a better forelock – just allow the bridle path to grow in, blend the mane forward, and the forelock will be thicker.  Doesn’t work on every horse, but worth trying.

For now, sitting out end of the 6 + months of unruly growth.  Then we should be good.  Unless I decide he needs it back…

Horse Happy Hour August 29


 Getting on is sometimes the hardest thing.

Funny that way.  For each hour spent in the barn, 10 minutes on the horse.  Or so it seems.  Yet there sometimes seem to be just one more thing to tend to, before getting on.  One more minute wasted.  Of Horse Happy Hour.

After.  Always hard to leave.  Watching mindless ground sniffing somehow seems pertinent.

Horse Happy Hour to all this weekend!

Having a hard time going home

The spiderweb chronicles, continued

The war goes on: Cobwebbing with a blower and a telescoping pole.

Of course they’re winning, but why go down without a fight?  Spider webs in the rafters – no more!

barn chores

Logically, this must be done on a day with at least 94°F for greatest effect.  For the worker, not the spiders.  They’re detached from these efforts. Stoic in their work. Perhaps also sittin’ up there laughing.  Snickering.  Clearly, someone’s spending too much time in the barn…

OK,  don some armor, get ‘yer poles and blowers and join the revolution!


Seriously. Never take anyone seriously.