Boys Filming At The Farm

boy with horse

Springbreak.  Boys came out to visit the farm.

The baby rabbits had grown up a lot in just a couple of months.  Bunny snuggling is always good.

holland lop bunnies and boys

Meeting the sheep and lambs that took over the stall for a few weeks, after the piglets moved out.

white lamb

Maybe not as snuggly.

boys feeding sheep

Gray mare likes this guy!

boy with horse

We had a good morning.  They promised to be good, not break anything, and take a lot of pictures.  Which they did – more or less focused.  Sometimes even of the horse.  Between macho selfies.

making a selfie

difficult taking pictures of horses

hard to take pictures in indoor arena

Plus pictures of grass and rocks.  And other pictures like this.

previewing pictures on camera

I really, really love my boys.They make me laugh every day!  Sure, they’re not all that great for video making yet.  Mostly because horses aren’t all that interesting to them.  Here’s their compilation – must view with sound ON.

Next up – some much better pictures from this schooling session!

Meet Steve

indian beach tamales bay

Hi everyone.

Say Hello to Steve.

indian beach tamales bay

Steve doesn’t have a Facebook account.  Or any other social media account.  He still feels gypped with not getting any likes or comments or barely appearing in any family pictures.  For real.

Of course you see the immediate logic in this.

He is also my husband, and he’s great at it.  Today, cheesy selfies with what may just be the most private man ever.

tamales bay

family selfie

selfies in gothenburg

Happy Birthday Honey!  Love you.

“Tiny” Injury – Long Recovery Time

family at restaurant

It’s been 4 weeks since the ring finger caught on the lunge line.

That’s a full month…  Yes, I’m counting.  The bone suffered not just a fracture,  but twisted and broke through.  These pins will stay in until March.

x ray with pins in finger bone

Thank you so much for all messages!  I’ve fallen behind on answering friends on what’s up, so thought it was time for an update here 🙂

Here’s the current, 6th, outfit on the hand.  Heading in for an upgrade today.

ring finger fracture

Not really sure how much damage to the tendons – I’ll find out in mid March once physical therapy starts.  My group of men are dearer to me than ever.

family at restaurant

Valiosa is settling in at the new farm. Of course it’s completely normal to drive out there, just to put your horse in a stall and watch it eat.

pulling front shoes off
Another surprising benefit of this injury: Barefoot on all 4!

Today we walked out to meet the Murray Grey’s a little closer.

horse meeting cattle

It’s an enormous property, with trail riding capabilities (For when you’re not broken and able to control your beast), but it involves riding in and out of gates to the cows.  Without having a cow.

Stuck to the safe pond this time.  As you can see she was thrilled!sour looking horse

Regular mare look. It’s how she rolls.

It’s a little quiet right now.  That can actually be really motivating in itself.  If you let it.

Free Entertainment – This Sunday

crape myrtle blooming in september

We’re heading to a horse show this weekend!

Braving it again in the ring, this time at Camelot in Butte Valley.  (Butte, not butt, just had to point that out.)  Come on over on Sunday – the entertainment is on me!

Prepping miss Grey Mare before is hopeless.  Only works the morning of.  Since she sleeps in her piles.  It’s a talent.

grooming before a show

kids jumping in front of horses
He can jump all he wants – she doesn’t care

My super long legged littlest guy on Valiosa.

child on horse in shorts

It’s like a “Find 10 Things Wrong” picture.  I can find 8.  Rulebreakers!

Have a wonderful weekend!  We’re going to have some fun!

crape myrtle blooming in september

On A Much More Personal Note

close up of horse legs cantering

All moms recognize that absolutely chilling feel, when you know something is wrong with your child.

Not just a little bit wrong; ouchy, scratchy, sore, tender or mildly feverish – but really wrong and unless you work very hard to get an answer to just what it is, you’ll regret it deeply.

We’ve been there for almost 6 whole months with my oldest son now.  Yes, my wonderful teenage boy.  Your very own super blog photographer!

old wood bird house

His body wouldn’t tolerate his regular meals, and during the winter he started wilting away.  More appointments and medical procedures than I can keep track of.

Many friends must be wondering why they’ve heard so very little from me, for so long…          Well this is it.       A lot of time and energy invested in fretting and finding just the right answers for why he sometimes feels so excruciatingly ill…

And if you’re a mom, you also know the feeling of helplessness, when things are looking better, but you still don’t know what’s ahead.  And you would like to do more.  But you can’t just yet.

Honoring the kindest teenage boy ever here on the blog today.  He’s my biggest cheerleader and is so sweet with any animal he ever meets, even if it happens to be a pretty intimidating horse.

bringing kids to the barn

son walking next to mother riding a horse

Kind of intense with his camera angles sometimes.  Can’t help but laugh.  And in some pictures, there’s no telling what he’s really shooting, just the motion perhaps, but who cares?

papparazzi photographer and horse

close up of horse legs cantering

I know you’ll be alright soon!  Thank you for being a fighter, for being an awesome big brother, and for spending some of your summer time taking pictures of mom, going endlessly around and around.


Dog Days Of Summer

Dalmatian Dog by the lake

Many, many weeks of summer fun ahead.

Valiosa will have several extra rest days during the next 10 weeks.  She will turn 5.  And she will enter her first rated show.  In the middle of all that extra resting.

Enough to make the pilot choke.  But possibly enough to increase the Impulsion score.

Happy Memorial Day every one!  Hope your summer is starting out great!

Happy Memorial Day

I’m looking forward to spending even more time with my quirky boys.  They are funny, make me laugh out loud every day, and I’m privileged to have them.

Our dog is also looking forward to more crazy adventures.

Hands down the best dog

Although he won’t get to go on the 5 day backpacking trip to Yosemite.

I hope this summer will have Valiosa sniffing at 1st Level.  Maybe she can.  As long as we have enough saddle time.

Don’t know about you, but a show is sort of great motivation to keep it going through all those long months of sticky summer riding…

Dressage On A Dime