Today’s PRE Peep 8 – Castiza, Zingara, Hermosa

Wow, 8 weeks of PRE Peeps!

It’s been fun sharing quick shots of them, and I can tell you’ve liked it too.  Next week should be the last post on this.  (Unless someone throws a little withdrawal fit about it.)

Today, a look at some special ladies.

Castiza, shown through Intermediare 1, currently on a little break from the showring.  An incredibly substantial and tall PRE mare, she rules the large pasture.

CastizaI don’t have any flattering new pictures of her – this one below will have to do, from some time back when we both had ended up at a lunging clinic.

Elinor Yee

Hermosa, Young 1st Level Mare.
One of the few available for sale now.

black andalusian mare
Sweet Zingara, now retired broodmare, living the happy life in the large pasture.

black retired andalusian broodmare

Taking pictures out there is, complicated…

andalusian mares in pasture
Just give one of us a cookie or something and get on with it.

Training Update

No huge improvements.

But there’s a tiny better feel each week.

Her very first rated show this weekend!  The other shows have all been schooling shows, at the same venue.  Now I hope she’ll be good in another brand new place…

We’ll show a basic, Training Level 3.  I’m really hoping for a harmonious test!

Still working toward a lowered, lengthened connection.  Not upright, tight, like so.

horse tight in the neck

It needs to come easier.  Happen earlier in the ride.  Easy to say.  NOT easy to do.

She feels absolutely fabulous when she softens and comes through more, mostly just in the posting trot at the end of the warmup.

posting trot

warming up with grey horse

It lasts for a split second.  Here and there.  Then we’re back to the – really not all that great – again.

She mostly just looks like this all the time.  At best.

horse tight and not forward

No wait!  Sometimes we’re together for 2 seconds!

horse bending through corner


Valiosa’s Show Last Weekend

She pulled it off!

After a tense warmup, she was OK in the showring.

Training Level 1

The most amazing thing was that we didn’t really fight at all in the canter at the test.  After all misunderstandings at home, all she needed was some extra “up and go” on Sunday, and it all smoothed out.

Training Level Trot

A few of the canter transitions even had a very nice score.  Grey mare, always full of surprises.


Goes without saying – we didn’t look like this most of the test, you know that…  But, there’s potential!

Love my mare

A 67.1 in Training Level Test 2, and a 65 in Training Test 3. 4th and 5th place.  Again she felt much better in the 2nd test but got a worse score.  Seems to happen to many riders.

warmup canter

I’m so glad I have my friend Nancy, without her it would be very hard for Valiosa and I to get out to the shows.  Nancy, you’re a star!

And very grateful for my awesome husband, coming out for the first time to see Valiosa show and taking all these pictures!  Thank you!

Me, my boys, and our horse, love my family!

love my family