Arena games with MC Dressage

Another visitor at Castle Rock this week.

This time Martin Courtney.  Enjoying access, perhaps for the last week, to our arena at Castle Rock farm.  A dressage lesson was a great way to say goodbye to the grounds.

Cooper was calm and ready to work.  No extracurricular spooking.  In such great shape now he didn’t even really break a sweat.  Granted, we worked a lot at the walk and not too much canter, but he was working.

The concept of lateral moves does not come naturally for him.  Also still much prefers to counterbend at any given time.

Finally, Fall is Here!
Finally, Fall is Here!

Overall very happy with the ride.  Cooper is a bit tense to the idea of someone instructing close to him from the ground – he clams up.  The next day, trying some of the leg yielding on a small circle on our own, he didn’t completely loose his forward.  Wondering how long it will take to show him how to do it…

Marty spent a lot of time with us, – really fun to get some feedback and new ideas.  Need this more often!  I’m always open for new ideas.  Next time he comes back it will be at the new property.  Can’t wait!

You can find Marty’s website Here.