horse standing guard while another one is sleeping
Horses, Every Day

When To Quit

The minute you consider yourself not good enough, too old, or without enough talent.

There’s no shame in that. Everything has to come to an end at one point.  And that’s alright.  Accept, and move on.

Maybe it’s the “move on” part people get stuck on? Ranting about it.  Endlessly telling anyone who cares, or sadly just ended up within earshot, how they would be doing it if it wasn’t for A, B, or C.

Isn’t it exhausting to listen to?

Of all role models, I mostly admire the ones who’ve been able to stick to their passion for years and years.  The ones who stuck it out, decided over and over that, nope, it’s not time to quit just yet.

It’s beautiful.  To be able to continue on – that’s not for everyone.  And a gift.

Who hasn’t had to end many things throughout the years?  Often not by choice.  And often because the body decided it was time.

Allow it to slip like a piece of cool silk, easy, without trying to grab on.  A happier ending, especially for others around.  While opening up so many other possibilities.

That was a lot of rambling. Not really the style of this site.  Nothing to tie up the end of the post with either.  Back to horses.

Late morning pictures.

horses in pasture under oak tree
Late, but too early to get up.  No one came to say Hello.  Is it still called Catching In Pasture, if you have to go all the way down there, making that “possible-cookie-crinkle” in the pocket just to get them to stand?

horse standing guard while another one is sleeping
– No thanks, still sleeping.
horse watching over sleeping horse stretching

trail riding with young horse
Horses, Every Day

In The Forest

Last week we got lost.

I didn’t mind.  Usually you can just find the way, and if not, just turn around and search for the same trail, right?

She did mind.  Miss gray mare, walking fast and hard up the hills.  They were steep, very boggy in places.  Had to work it to keep up with her.

horse in pasture under tree

Pasture Pics – the only ones today.

Going downhill she’d chew the bit and froth, grunting the “bolt-coming-up-soon-because-I-hate-bending-and-sitting-and-walking-down-and-besides-I’m-all-alone-out-here” grunt.

Took a while to figure out we were following a deer trail, not the main trail.  Getting the cantle of the saddle scraped up by low branches should have been a hint.

relaxed horse in pasture

Seriously, it was really fun!  And she had a blast.  Didn’t have a death wish enough to stop and take pictures, but she was cute hoofing it over logs and sliding down a mossy hillside.

trail riding

Clearly, you’ve figured out I did a little more walking than riding on that trail outing.

Next time, when it has dried out, we’ll keep it more grown up.  Staying on on the main trail.  Keeping dressage boots mud free and fleece leg boots clean.

trail riding with young horse

silvery wood branches and gray horse
Horses, Every Day

Trail Hike

Come along for a trail walk.

It won’t take long.

I knew we’d have to meet the bull with super long horns out there one day.  This was the day.

long horn cow and horse

I know you can’t really see how interesting he looks at all in this picture.  But Valiosa could.

After this she told me she’s way too fit, young, healthy and not-lunged to be walking around calmly alone in just a halter across huge open grass areas.

california chestnut

I told her next time we’ll bring the bridle, besides, horses can’t talk anyway.

Super pretty day!  Snapped some pictures while she wondered if the bull would follow us.  (Maybe we can just crop her out?)

harry potter tree

hiking with horse in forest

Occasionally, she managed to be in the picture too.

silvery wood branches and gray horse

Latest Good News:

  • Her Oak Mite bites seem to be disappearing.
  • The surgeon removed the pins in my finger bone.
  • The slow work of creating a useable hand instead of a shaky stiff claw has begun.
  • Eventually we’ll have a little more dressage talk on the blog 🙂

Have a great start on your week!

winter grass at Hidden falls
Horses, Every Day

Hidden Falls

No, nobody fell off.

There were water falls, not someone hiding getting bucked off.

dressage horses at hidden falls

We came down the smaller, tighter path, furthest away.

Have no idea how this could be my first trip to Hidden Falls in Auburn.  Well, right.  Because Dressaaghe.

crossing bridges with horses

Both young horses crossed this bridge high up above the water like superstars.

trail rides with young horses

Then onto Blue Oak Loop to the left.

Wonderful area, with plenty of hikers and bikers even on a weekday morning.  Thrilled I got the opportunity to come here with Valiosa!staying safe on trail with horses These pictures, all borrowed – we took no time to take any of our own.  And 5 year olds don’t want to wait around.

riding steep trails with horses

After the winter rains set in, it greens up like this.  Going back, on horse or not!winter grass at Hidden falls

Horses, Every Day


Believe in magic, beauty, and the power of life itself.

No need to look for it somewhere far away.  It’s right here.  Next door.

 Morning fog at the hill above our house.

Neighborhood Fog

Seemingly color less humming-bird in our tree.

Surviving, by magic, on little winter flowers.


Moss at the neighbors’ tree.

Winter happy – riding Cooper in a well groomed arena.  And my boy visiting the farm, digging a trench.  Or a ditch.  Or some sort of hole at least.  Yes, those are bribes in the blue cooler.

Winter Happy

Northern California winter, I love you!

Also by magic, managed to get sick again.  Have a knack for falling severely ill in just a couple of hours time…  We all have our talents.  This one really keeps people on their toes…