Spring Inspiration!

spring with cherry tree and horse

Hi all!

We’re in the middle of a 4-day rain and wind period.  It’s been a bit intense but everything’s still standing – no problems.  Just really stormy.

For any one stuck inside early spring inspiration today!

riding in tall grass

This was just the other week.  Love all the green to the max before it all burns out in summer!  climbing hill with tall grass at the walk

Climbing back up, Gray Silverine had lots of opinions about the scary tall grass.

 – “Snake grass!  I’m sure!  It’s too deep, I’m bolting out of here, NOW!”  Arguing about the pace.

riding in tall grass

Guess who won?  But maybe just this time…  Unless I want to hike back up in the snake grass alone 😉

not bolting up hills

spring with cherry tree and horse
Have a wonderful weekend!

Pretty Ponds With Ugly Names

taking pictures of gray horses in sun

Good morning!

At the far bottom corner of the property, there’s this seasonal pond.

Complete with rabbits, voles, buzzards, coyotes, deer, and herons passing by.  You can even ride around it on the back berm, if you don’t mind extreme spooking and side stepping.

poop pond

Valiosa detected dead riders in the sludge this day, signaling their presence with her best interpretative moves, so we didn’t check out the far back this time.

nervous horse at pond

Still a great cool-down walk!

gray horse in green grass


taking pictures of gray horses in sun

Have an awesome Monday!

Switching Pace

hiking with dalmatian dogs

That was a lot of “Short Read” Posts.

Because time has been.  Short.

Barn commute, still 2 hours out and back.

I’ve upped the long distance running a bit.  Still putting in hours at this beautiful breeding and training farm.  And riding Miss Dissatisfaction.

riding happy horse

And, taken on a second job.

That last one is the clincher.

Things have been happy, just much too busy.  Tiny amount of time left for writing.  But with you readers being so fantastic and checking in on us so often, of course you’ll get more updates on what we’re doing his fall!!

Just don’t hold your breath 🙂  .

Breathing.  Who’s got time for that?


Oh, and Dice says – “Hi!”  He still gets his outings.  I think we’re both a little addicted to Redwood trees.

hiking with dalmatian dogs