boy with horse
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Boys Filming At The Farm

Springbreak.  Boys came out to visit the farm.

The baby rabbits had grown up a lot in just a couple of months.  Bunny snuggling is always good.

holland lop bunnies and boys

Meeting the sheep and lambs that took over the stall for a few weeks, after the piglets moved out.

white lamb

Maybe not as snuggly.

boys feeding sheep

Gray mare likes this guy!

boy with horse

We had a good morning.  They promised to be good, not break anything, and take a lot of pictures.  Which they did – more or less focused.  Sometimes even of the horse.  Between macho selfies.

making a selfie

difficult taking pictures of horses

hard to take pictures in indoor arena

Plus pictures of grass and rocks.  And other pictures like this.

previewing pictures on camera

I really, really love my boys.They make me laugh every day!  Sure, they’re not all that great for video making yet.  Mostly because horses aren’t all that interesting to them.  Here’s their compilation – must view with sound ON.

Next up – some much better pictures from this schooling session!

recliner sofa in field
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Weekend Special: Lincoln

Furniture Special Weekend, Day 3



Welcome To Lincoln – Dump Your Furniture Here.

couch in grass field


sitting in couch in field

Sad to see it left out to pasture like that, to fend on its own.  “Letting nature take its course” is a joke.  This one was used to food, shelter and human contact.

Please put your furniture down humanely.

recliner sofa in field


couch dumped outside
Horses, Every Day

Weekend Special: Penryn

Launching the Furniture Special Weekend series today!


3 days of no horsing around on the horse blog.


Welcome To Penryn – Dump Your Furniture Here.

furniture dumped in the country

Roadside pit stop.  Furnished for your comfort.

Feel free to join in with more couch pictures.

couch dumped outside

Next stop, Newcastle, CA.  See you tomorrow.

rusty barn art a horse for elinor
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Got Barn Art?

Show me!

If you’ve got something interesting at the barn, something you’ve rigged up yourself, or maybe just something truly unique – I want to see it!  Small, handmade, half-broken, just a link to something found online that you like; doesn’t matter.

I always keep an eye out an any barn I ever visit.  There’s usually something special, sometimes in the most unexpected places.

To set the bar really low, I walked down to the barn I’m at and snapped some quick shots.  On a Red Theme.

stall art

rusty barn art a horse for elinor

barn sign

old barn sign

Comment with a link or make your own post – It’s all up to you what you call art!

bridles on wall

Dressage On A Dime Elinor Yee
Horses, Every Day

Show Me Your Before & Afters!

This is your chance to post on A Horse For Elinor!

Time to give back to readers through sharing posts from you on this site.  Read on!

Told you before – I’m a sucker for makeovers.

It’s just plain wonderful to see some improvement, of any kind, in the horses we work with, isn’t it?!

This blog started with La Prima, in need of a serious makeover.  Didn’t take very long and she bloomed…

La Prima, Castle Rock Farm

Check out this short list of links to quick makeovers on this blog:

I have another fun one for Valiosa this fall.  A great one – and shorter, I PROMISE!  Won’t be until the end of November.  I’ll have to bribe my little photographer to come out…

But now it’s your turn – I want to see!

If you’ve posted a Horse Makeover, a Before & After, or just any horse update with improvements worth celebratingcomment in the comment field with a link to your post and I will put it up here on

I know I’m not the only one who’d LOVE to see it!

Anything in the “before and after” department goes!  Posts featured here will go up on both A Horse For Elinor and on Facebook – A Horse For Elinor.  Join in the fun!

Thank you!


Elinor Yee
Clinics & Shows

Valiosa’s Show Last Weekend

She pulled it off!

After a tense warmup, she was OK in the showring.

Training Level 1

The most amazing thing was that we didn’t really fight at all in the canter at the test.  After all misunderstandings at home, all she needed was some extra “up and go” on Sunday, and it all smoothed out.

Training Level Trot

A few of the canter transitions even had a very nice score.  Grey mare, always full of surprises.


Goes without saying – we didn’t look like this most of the test, you know that…  But, there’s potential!

Love my mare

A 67.1 in Training Level Test 2, and a 65 in Training Test 3. 4th and 5th place.  Again she felt much better in the 2nd test but got a worse score.  Seems to happen to many riders.

warmup canter

I’m so glad I have my friend Nancy, without her it would be very hard for Valiosa and I to get out to the shows.  Nancy, you’re a star!

And very grateful for my awesome husband, coming out for the first time to see Valiosa show and taking all these pictures!  Thank you!

Me, my boys, and our horse, love my family!

love my family