Time to disclose something soon…

A secret.  You’ll find out one way or another anyhow. 

There’s no hiding it.

But first, time for a quick update on Cooper.

His initial trot was very sucked back.  Jogging, curling under, or stopping.  Weeks spent trotting with a longer stride. He needed to open up some, but I’ve abandoned the idea of pushing him on in that rushed way since long now.  His mouth, again nice and soft.

Here’s that lengthened, stretched out and rushy frame again.  We both didn’t care for it.

Green trot

Then we got this going on Instead.  Earlier, at Castle Rock Farm.  Wait!  NOT shorter now. Forward again.

November Trot

At Blue Horse Farm, I hope he will develop even more.

OK. Returning soon with the confession/news.

Until then, I will continue missing our nice indoor grooming area…  We’re still a bit temporary out by a tree…

Done!  Where's the cookie?


Dressage Rider Critique

cooper trot 3 Look at these images of a rider with a green horse. Appears as a passable happy ride on a sunny day? We beg to differ.  Not passable in “Dressage Perfection World!” There’s nothing perfect about this!

Come on, let’s hack this rider apart shall we?!

While the horse is appearing to be tracking up and moving forward enough, there’s definitely not much looseness to be seen. The rider’s heel is turned in too far and the heel-hip angle could be better. The hands are consistently carried too low, and the wrists are angled in.

While the thumb angle is alright – no piano hands and the hand appears closed enough, they are still not allowing enough movement forward. cooper trot 2 The seat, while steady and not clamping down on the sides of the horse, looks restrictive.

Torso is angled forward enough as this is posting trot, and the elbows are aligned – but it looks like the inside hand is doing too much.  Clearly pulling back.  A bad habit that will ruin the mouth of the horse.

And since this is Dressage Perfection World, even small details can be seen – we bet the entire torso of the rider is leaning into the circle as well, although not very visible here. The rider’s head is also angled down – the line of vision should be raised several inches up.  We prefer a strict stare forward at all times. Cooper trot1 Oh, and just look at his wrongly developed neck. Completely upside down, and it’s all her fault!  Let go of the neck.

We suggest the rider takes multiple lunge lessons without touching the reins, immediately ceases to ride any more green horses which will ruin their further career, and perhaps considers taking up another hobby.

If you can find more faults in this, please report!

Posting light, lighter, lightest

To get the back to come up, or at least give it the best chance of coming up.

Alexi’s advice was to ditch the tendency to lean back, and be as light as possible on Jaworzno.  Light posting.  Been working on that.  His go to move is to push back and resist.  Light posting or not.  We’ve worked some more on that.  Here, probably a bit too much forward lean, but he’s responding.

leaning forward

 He is a fun puzzle to ride.

I tell him he’s supposed to feel like a waterfall in front of me.  He says I’m a dreamer and to get on with it.  Sweat beads up, trickling down my spine.  The skin underneath the leather boots, riding pants, and long socks on top is moist like a sponge.  And that is even before the ride starts…

For inspiration I visit some Swedish blogs here and there.  August 18, – Ingrid riding in a rain soaked arena on her beautiful mare.  (Here is her post)  You can find the home page Here.

In a long-sleeved fleece shirt.  Lush grass in the background.  Dark green moss on what looks like a church stone wall.  I know what it smells like.  How the air feels.  And the different sound the leafs make when moving through moist air like that.

Perhaps its time to pay a visit at home.

Definitely time.  To pay a visit home.