Late Night Sale Posts

Clicking through some dressage horse ads.

Just for kicks. To see what’s out there.

Wouldn’t it just be so nice to trade in for something more talented?  A little more disposed to dressage. Something with natural ability?

Or how about something that’s been started and done right for the past 5-6 years…  Anyone can daydream.

Next morning in the cross-ties after riding, patting the troll-looking mare.  Her sweaty neck and shoulder gritty with dirt and foamy flyspray.  Realizing there’s absolutely no way you could ever let go.

horse and rider portrait

Definitely all YOUR horse.
Sappy, whatever.
But so much more fun his way.

why you should not trade in your horse

Some Days – Better Than Others

Here she is again, lovely.

As promised on Wednesday – more schooling with Slick Silver.


dressage trot with young horse


canter with gray mare

A little softer, just a little easier, yay!

horse rounding the back in canter

Afterward, I butchered her mane.  Budget boy-cut style.  Mildly awkward.  February will be better again…

Elinor Yee


Waited over 3 years for her to come around…  Now that she’s here, better figure out how to make her want to stay.

In The Right Company

Are you in it?

Surrounded by people who appreciate you?  Who gives compliments to your horse?  Who make you feel worthy?

Does it feel possible to grow – working with what you currently have?

It’s gold worth isn’t it?  And definitely not where I have always been.  The latest on the horse front has been uplifting:

A great little home team.  Happy horses.  Some small progress in Valiosa’s work.

No trail, which she loves, so tomorrow introducing some trot poles instead.

Valiosa on the trail

Amazingly this teeny tiny horse blog keep growing.  Right below 10,000 true hits the first year.  Close to 16,000 hits this year, and 2015 is far from over.

93 countries this year alone.

I’m so glad you keep checking back in, with Valiosa and I!  We better have something really good to show for all our work by next year!

All in good company.