Regular Programming Interrupted Again

Favorite time of the year.

The heat is gone.  Northern California Foothills seem new, all over again!   No Holidays to worry about just yet.  Love fall!

Temporary shut-down of activities – came down with a serious bug suddenly on Friday night.  Fever will knock anyone out…  Hopefully it’s short-lived for just a few days (?) and I’ll be back out to see the leaves start falling soon!

We're geeky and we know it!
We’re geeky and we know it!

The past few weeks I’ve experimented with changing Valiosa’s bit and bridle fit.  I’m sure you’ve been there too.

A quiet, responsive, and comfortable mouth fit with a dressage legal bit is the goal.  (No shortcuts.)  The KK Ultra, so popular with many dressage horses, is of course not the right fit for every horse…  And I refuse to do any silly Cranking-Down-On-The-Noseband on a young horse.

The Happy Mouth Loose Ring Shaped Mullen Snaffle (Now that’s a mouthful.) is too, hmmmm, straight.  Only use it occasionally for lunging her now.

The Loose Ring Double Jointed Cooper Snaffle with Shaped Link is too “busy” for her at this age it seems.

The Sprenger Double Jointed is sadly too large for her.  The Full Cheek Eggbutt Copper Double Jointed has worked the best so far, but the one I own has a fairly large lozenge in the middle.  Just experimenting if we can do even better.

Right now, testing out my Happy Mouth Boucher snaffle.  It’s single jointed, which is not my favorite, she chomps it to death at the end of the ride on a loose rein.  The plastic won’t last long like that.


Bit fit – personal for each horse, so it’s not always helpful to look at what other’s are using.  In less than 5 weeks Loomis Basin Equine will be out for a dental clinic.  This year I’ll make sure to ask  what the vet thinks of her palate height and tongue.

Feel free to chime in with your bit of success!

Now, just waiting for the fever to break.