April, and we’re still here!

Rains continued in California in March – wonderful green areas everywhere for longer than usual!

I’m happy to be at higher grounds and able to train at this barn, so we’ll stick around for a while.

upscale barn

Continuing on with barefoot on all four – very careful with any “off-road” outings.  Just a bit here and there.  Very happy with the bare feet!  Getting there has been easy so far.  Twist my arm a bit and a write-up on the transition is all yours!

riding out in the grass

That ride in a borrowed bridle.

About the earlier shout-out on the Verbindend:  She’s had it for several weeks now, and yep, absolutely it’s on the list of approved bits to show dressage in!

So, finally, there’s enough tack!

Said no one ever.

dressage bridles on tack wall
These are not all mine. Promise.

Alternative To Mattes Sheepskin Pad

Update on the ThinLine Trifecta Half Pad with Sheepskin rolls.

This pad, still going strong after long past 2 years.  The original review post on the Cotton Trifecta with sheepskin rolls is still getting clicked on, so it’s time for a quick follow-up.

Ultra ThinLine Trifecta reviewThis is a great alternative if fitting in a fair amount of fluffy sheepskin under your panels is, well, too tight a squeeze.  Or, if you want the foofoo sheepskin look, and yep – the ability to add shims, without the Mattes price tag.

alternative to mattes half padI’ve washed this pad twice.  (During 2 years, eeek!  With a square pad underneath it stays surprisingly clean.)  It’s held up well with heavy use as my only go-to half pad.   Some brushing on the rolls, and it’s good to go!

thinline trifecta half pad reviewFind the original review post here:  Ultra ThinLine Cotton Trifecta Half Pad With Sheepskin.

I’ll be back with another half pad review in a couple of months…  Something entirely different.  As long as that order went in correctly…

Seriously, Another Late-Night…Tack Shopping?

horse practicing being in a stall
Valiosa, loves getting some stall time since she lives out.

To some, tack shopping is a sort of “recovery” from a muggy-feeling sort of riding day.

I’m talking to you, Glossy-Tack-Magazine-Page-Flipper, and Late-Night-Pilé-Fleece-Lined-Boots-Internet-Shopper.

When things don’t go as planned – some riders just want to confirm their efforts anyway with…  Something.  Like tack shopping.  (Seriously?)

To prove that there’s still progress, still something happening.  Still effort.  At least from their end.

How plain.


I got the halter.

grey fleece halter on grey horse

no rub halter with grey fleece

New Bling On The Schooling Browband

Super easy, quick, update on the U-Shaped Browband – No shopping involved.

Admitting to more crystals…  This time just for schooling. No new cheesy blinged out showring tack.

u shaped browband with green and clear crystals

With the right glue, adding on two alternating shades of green Swarovski to the existing clear ones is very easy.  Green, because it matches nothing else of what I have and made no sense at all.  So, a must have!

adding crystals to browband

Then things went overboard and this whip got drenched in a Teal Mix Swarovski.  Please make it stop.

dressage whip with crystals


Rubber Lined Leather Reins, On A Dime

Low priced leather reins with rubber lining – is there such a thing?


Just had to share a little Dressage On A Dime tip with you.

Black leather reins, with buckles instead of hook and loop, and a pebbled thin rubber lining.  What’s not to love?!

Rubber lined leather reins

I ordered them knowing full well they might arrive looking sort of askew, or off, or perhaps, well, cheap and crumbly.  Instead, they’re looking absolutely scrumptious and have a supple feel!

They’re from Big Dee’s and were only,

wait for it,


Big Dees Tack and Vet Supply Reins

The length is just right for me and my horse and I like their medium weight, not thick and clunky like full rubber reins.


We’ll see how they hold up.  Will they last for 5 years, or longer, or less?  Will the rubber lining crumble and fall off after months of use in extreme heat?

Who knows.  Really, at this price, you could pick up 7 of them.  I wish I had more!  (Leather addicts nodding solemnly.)

Big Dees Leather reins with rubber

Most of us will want to cut off the stoppers for the show ring.  Maybe you will, maybe not.  So risqué.

Dressage On A Dime

Pimping the tack room


No fancy crib to show – but it’s tidy, and functional.  Come for a mini tour!

With a brand new barn comes some serious organizing.

After two separate spider bombs, countless swipes with the long dust pole along the ceiling, (and walls, ugh.) and various exercises with the vacuum, – the tack room looked presentable.

Well, that was at the old barn.  Starting out anew at a barn with not one single hook installed on the walls was a different challenge.

If you need to hang blankets and saddle pads on racks in a modular barn, without making any holes, try flipping the racks upside down and squeezing them into the metal edging.  Looks different, but works great.

Like this.

saddle pads on blanket rack

As for hanging bridle hangers without making permanent holes in the walls?  Two magnetic hooks that fit perfectly into each hole on the bridle hanger is one way!

Bridle hanger

I love how it worked out, and they are strong enough  to hold everything up.  Just a tip if you are looking for something temporary that still works good.


The wood is so fresh, sap is now starting to come out of it a little.  I imagine this will go on for a few summers.

To protect the tack, there’s now a back splash installed behind.

wall hanger behind bridles

As the most impatient crafter ever in history, this is not professionally made in any way.  Cardboard, painted on the back to make it last a bit longer, then material glue gunned on to it.

The tacky look is complete by using double folded scotch tape to get it up on the wall!


Boots stored this way to keep the shafts straight.  And to keep certain doggies from marking them!  Not saying any names here but…

Boot storage

Ignore the dead dog on the side there.

My niece made me a wonderful fleece saddle cover when she came over from Sweden last summer.  I love it and it reminds me of her.  Sadly I’m already working on destroying it, so perhaps I’ll have to get a new one for when Valiosa gets a new saddle.

Fleece dressage saddle cover

Thanks for stopping by today! 

Have a tip for a good tack room?  Let me hear it! 

I’ve been to many, but love to get new ideas!