Riding what you’ve got

I am very grateful for riding, and for the years spent “horsing around.”

In an ideal world, I’d be riding some very nice horses by now, with balance and a lot of “natural ability.”  Since you surely live in the real world, just like me, you’ve probably guessed by now that any talented or “easy” horses aren’t exactly coming my way.

Probably not in yours either, no?

Take Cooper here and his multiple “issues”, or what ever we shall call them.  Today, focusing on his extreme tense tendency.  Bracing, holding back, curling under, pushing against his rider.

Ever optimistic, I thought I would have solved it by now.

Here’s his trademark “Neck Move.”  Not captivating.

Swan neck

Often so tense, until he can almost make himself into a Perfect Square.  We still carry on.

Square, bracing

Is this why we like dressage so much?  Trying to create something soft here and there, out of the impossible tight and resistant?  Never thought so.  Come on, wouldn’t it be just so much nicer to somehow “arrive” at something better?

Since that’s not going to happen, it will be all about continuing on.  Riding the horse that is here right now, and actually enjoying it.  Because this is fun.  Surely not pretty all the time!

More years spent horsing around!

Cooper relaxed

Still intending on bringing this tight little bullet to success at First Level.  Keep cheering us on from the sidelines.  There’s hope!

Cooper more relaxed