Does this look like a worm belly to you?

Sort of rounded there...
Sort of rounded there…

Not sure but wasn’t going to wait to find out.  The picture was from the first week in January. Dewormed immediately after.  You can spend hours reading about the most recent updates about worming procedures, and most point to doing it less often, and to consider the risks associated with doing it.  I’m considering it, and have come up with a modified plan.

That said, there was no way I was going to settle for treating it “organically” or naturally with herbs, garlic,  seeds, DE, potions, and, I don’t know – raindancing?  She got her full dose, it doesn’t cost much at all to do it, and yester day it was repeated again. Most worms around here will die off in the desert heat we will be living in for the next 6 months.
Also not sure, is this a “worm coat” or just a thin winter coat with straggly hairs? The shot below is also from early January. Worm Coat?

She looked much smoother just a few weeks after this. Then there was also more grooming involved than I’ll ever admit 🙂

She'd really prefer to just be a big pet.
She’d really prefer to just be a big pet.

Grooming and worming – yep, you can always be pro at something! If we don’t look good in the arena – we’ll always look good walking down to it.